Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I haven't vanished ... well, not really ...

... I know, I know ... it's been nearly an entire month since my last post ... you close your eyes for just a moment and time refuses to stop for you ... ah well ... so, where have I been?

one lovely concerned blog pal asked that same question not too long ago ... my response? ... "good question; seems like I have been hiding under a rock"

... and it does, too ... let's just chalk this up to an uneventful and non-epiphany filled self imposed hibernation ... have I been creating? uh, no (seriously, T, I haven't forgotten and I do still love you ... great ideas, but no success with them ... I simply suck right now) ... have I discovered any wonderful medical breakthroughs? again, no. how about renovating the entire house ... that would be one great reason & quite exciting, but no ... perhaps I've just been keeping up with the blogs I enjoy so much ... don't I wish! I am over a week behind on even those ... so, what have I been doing? ... honestly, I couldn't tell you ... what i can tell you is that I have been seriously missing this most wonderful of blog communities & doubt I could stay away much longer even if I tried. I really need to do some bragging on some fellow artists as the rock I've been under must be located directly under one of those lucky stars ... you'll see ... hopefully before this weekend is through.