Friday, April 19, 2013

If I Like it, Expect About 1000 (Give or Take 950)

It's true.  I find that when I learn a "new trick" I want to make a bunch of that same thing ... especially when it comes together without struggle (or investing 100 hours to accomplish it).  

Case in point - Ear Cuffs of the wrap around variety.  

I have a friend that doesn't have pierced ears ... but she love, love, loves bobbles in all their varieties.  Unfortunately, earrings of the non-pierced variety tend to pinch or aren't quite the style she'd want to wear ... tada, this girl has a mission!  (I understand if this makes you a little afraid - you're pretty smart, after all.)

Initially, I started with the kind that slide over and wrap around the helix, antihelical fold and antihelix resting just above the antitragus ... yes, I DID have to search for "parts of an ear" to find the correct terminology ("that flappy part above the earlobe" sounded a little too flaky even for me) ... 

I was able to get the shape of a simple cuff fairly easily ... the hard part was turning the simple into something more sparkly with a dangle or two.  Let the frustration begin!  I haven't completely given up on the idea, but I needed an alternative & I totally found one ... and ear cuff that actually hooks onto the ear and wraps around the back of it ... ok, I know, I'm getting wordy here ... check out the results:

Silver Craft Wire, Chain, Swarovski Crystals & 
Glass Seed Beads

Silver Craft Wire, Chain, Amethyst Chips, Blue 
Glass Nail Heads & Glass Seed Beads

Silver Craft Wire, Chain, Swarovski Crystals,
Pearls & Glass Seed Beads

Silver Craft Wire, Chain, one Swarovski Crystal, 
Garnets, Pearls & Glass Seed Beads

Silver Craft Wire, Chain, Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, 
a Single Swarovski Butterfly & Glass Seed Beads

 On that note, please excuse me while I go make a few more (dozen) ... lol

Cioa' Bella's!

04/22/13 update ... here's how it looks on:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center

Sadie and took an afternoon walk through the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center - Alligator Creek this afternoon.  It was a bit warm, but not too bad as the humidity hasn't returned in full force, yet.  We only did one trail, but I have a feeling we'll be back.  Here are my favorite photo's from the walk:

If I were a bird, I'd likely visit this bath

I'm always drawn to vines growing on felled stumps
A study in brown

I know they have a real name, but I call these Ladybug Berries
Sadie spotted this cool little mushroom

Plus one just for fans of The Dark Tower:

For a reasonable donation, the center will carve your (or a loved one's) name onto the bridge railing ... it looks really cool

Sending peace and love to all that have been touched by today's events.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Something Simple

Sometimes all I need is a super simple project:

next up, turn up the difficulty just a tad ... envisioning five shorter sticks and bits of fabric added (for post earrings - and to make it look more like a house).

Monday, April 8, 2013

to Etsy or not to Etsy ... that is my question

I flounder and flip flop and just can't seem to decide, so I am starting here.  I've been making stuff for a long time.  Some of it is really lame (but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to work on or didn't serve a purpose other than to take up some of my time), some has been alright with a generally soft to moderate appeal, but then there are those moments when all the stars align and I get it right ... the skies open and the angels sing kind of right.  I love those moments.  LOVE them.  

Lately, I have been playing with wire ... and rocks - beach pebbles, tumbled, semi precious.  I'm really liking it and have been getting really great feedback on the pieces, so that little voice has been whispering - "open and Etsy store ... you know you wanna".  The voice is right.  Sort of.  I do want to ... and then I think of ALL the reasons that I shouldn't and can't ... and it makes my brain hurt.

Here are some of my latest pieces:

Silver craft wire pod w/amethyst, hematite, rose quartz & quartz

A cool resin "cabochon" wrapped in silver craft wire

another silver craft wire pod - this one has a little TLC - turquoise, lapiz and crystal

A friend had the tourmaline piece, I just wrapped it for her so she could wear it

this amulet is from copper wire w/drawn beads - it's stones are protective in their properties

I don't know if it's the angle of the shot or if this pod actually has a bulbous part, but it's silver craft wire w/drawn beads (the little bulbs at the end of the wires).  This one has abalone, amethyst, garnet, lapiz, quartz and rose quartz

OK, now that I've shared my latest efforts, don't forget that I like to play with yarn, seed beads, and a bunch of other random bits-n-pieces ... so, here are my questions:

What are your personal thoughts on Etsy in general?

Do you think a shop needs to maintain a single medium? 

Or is it ok for a seller to offer a variety of items?

Honest answers most appreciated ... please & thank you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Dragon?!?

Who's bored of seeing dragons?  If it's you, skip this one ... one more to add to the growing clan of crocheted dragons:

this one is in between the size of the one my daughter has (Freud) and Big, the gifted to a five year old dragon ... I should have written down what kind of yarn this was - super soft, almost t-shirt feeling.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Craft Swap's Rock

This past weekend I participated in a local craft swap with some pretty amazing (and amazingly talented women).  The hostess of the swap, Robin, gave me permission to share photo's that she took of the items being offered for swap (item list below photo):

1) half apron
2) crocheted bracelets w/antique buttons
3) boo boo bags
4) paper bird ornaments
5) castille laundry soap & fabric softener

1) shrinky dink "antique" camera charm bracelet
2) crocheted chocker w/antique buttons
3) cold brew coffee concentrate - option 1
4) magazine envelopes
5) cold brew coffee - option 2

1) needle felted needle book
2) earrings
3) felted soap
4) crocheted headbands
5) mason jar travel mugx/mason jar wall sconces

1) hand carved stamped tags
2) herb salts
3) photo greeting cards
4) hand carved stamped greeting cards
5) heating pad

1) zentangle greeting cards
2) owl plushie
3) string bowls
4) embroidered owl wall hanging (in hoop)
5) lash enhancer
6) un-paper towels
7) embroidered bunny wall hanging (in hoop)
8) handfelted wool dryer balls

... care to guess what I offered to the mix?

there were a small handful of items not shown (like the ginger plant I totally scored, etc.)

This event was so much fun, a holiday craft exchange has already been planned.  If you haven't participated in one, yet, I highly recommend doing so.  Many of us experienced a bit of "performance anxiety", but the group as a whole was sooo generous & welcoming - I don't think a single person felt that way after all was said and done.

*** the photo's are rather small ... if I have a chance to edit them later, I will re-upload larger versions ***

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just completed a new bobble:

It had been a while since I worked on something like this, but I made a pendant necklace & pair of earrings for a dear friend (birthday gift, dont'cha know) ... not pictured (but I'm sure I can talk her into a photo shoot ... eventually).  The pendant and earrings only have the top post, so they move (as well as dangle).  

 Anyway, I enjoyed working on it, so shared it with some girls at work.  A lovely coworker thought the design would make a good bracelet ... I think I agree.  This prototype had some challenges, but I think if I were to do it again, it would be easier the next time around.

Originally, I used THIS tutorial