Sunday, January 17, 2010

One World, eh?

I know ... it really has been about 100 years since I have posted. I am amazed that this much time has actually passed ... life's been ... happening, but I find myself missing all the creative souls I have encountered here on blogger more and more and simply have to jump back in ... without any further ado ...

did you know?

I've been published!

such a fluke of a thing, but I must say that I am absolutely humbled by this & thrilled to be featured. Do you remember this:

(if not, click the image for the whole scoop)


This is the Jan/Feb 2010 Issue
(click the above image to be directed to their website)

someone I adore wrote the beautiful article ... and on the second spread (three pages!!) my offering is featured in the top right corner ... wait ... let me make this a little easier:

Above: Pages 74 & 75

Above: Pages 76 & 77

Above: Pages 78 & 79

Above: Detail of my submission for the effort

I have tons of blogs to catch up on, so without

... much ...

further ado, I'm off!

ps - thank you to everyone that kept checking in and making sure that I was still breathing ... you made a big difference.

pps - did you realize it's time for:

me, TOO!!

much love to all, ~M~