Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheeky (Chicken) Monkey plays Guerilla!

(Click above image for a complete list of Global Guerilla Knit Up Participants)

Thanks to the gentle prodding of both my Getaway Driver (UberSpouse) and Lookout (Critter Child), my contribution to the Global Guerilla Knit Up went up! Yes, I waited till it was dark and was fairly certain that the number of human encounters would be limited ... but, it is officially on display.

After much deliberation (and the realization that it would only fit around a standard handrail sized item ... measuring makes A LOT of sense), I chose this most wonderful centrally located young tree in Gilchrist Park. It only took about 20 minutes to stitch it in place.

Here's the quick snap from last night:

Gilchrist Park is located right on the Peace River (appropriate, don't you think?) and is just walking minutes from downtown Punta Gorda (think more small town and not metropolis). The park gets tons of traffic throughout any given day as there's a terrific playground, tennis courts, covered pavillions, picnic tables with small grills, a dock, flower beds, live oaks, a monument of Ponce De Leon and meandering sidewalks.

Oh! and now it boasts this:

I have to admit that I think this is the best dressed tree in the park.

Check out the pole behind and to the right of the tree - the one with the duck at the top.

Here's a close up:

This pole is actually a utility outlet (note the small bulge near the top left of the pole). How cool is that? There are a number of places throughout the park that have outlets available (though this one really is the coolest by far) for the public to use. They come in handy during town sponsored events and on most Thursday nights when musicians gather to play. It's pretty neat as there are usually a few main gatherings where anyone is welcome to come sit in, plus scatterings of small drum circles and the like.
Here's a detail of the knit up:

Look to the left of the tree (between it and the palm tree) and you'll see the Ponce De Leon monument. (Items in the picture are much closer than they appear.) Check this out ... if people visiting the park pay attention, they'll see that Ponce is pointing right at the little tree:

OK, that's not really true - he actually points a bit east of the little tree, but for sake of this post, I chose to express a little artistic license (I just liked this shot of Ponce with the Gull on his head).

And one last shot of the tree:

This shot was taken near ground level pointing up towards the top ... doesn't it look HUGE?!?

The image really expresses how monumental this whole experience has been for me. It was wonderful taking part in an international festival of guerilla fiber art. I recycled left over bits, crocheted, knotted and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to participate with many inspirational and creative artists from all walks of life. I like this feeling of being part of something bigger than myself and at the same time recognize how small the world really is. It has been such an honor taking part in the Global Guerilla Knit up (not to mention TONS of fun). I humbly and most sincerely express my gratitude to Grrl for throwing down the gauntlet and challenging us to do it ... and for holding our hands along the way.

It is my hope that people all around the world may look upon these offerings and be inspired ... or ... simply smile.

(2/28 - update ... it's gone ... hmmm)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 Days ... SERIOUSLY?!?

Yup ... Seriously.

The day of unveiling is a mere 4 days from now. Wow. Time flies!

I actually finished my knit up last night.

... and here's one half close up

... and the other half

OK, so it's not knit up, but is made up of homeless crocheted squares.

The blue squares were extra's from THIS huge project; the larger yellow squares are crocheted from the softest Bamboo yarn - ever; the two smaller yellow squares (side by side in the center) are leftovers from a baby blanket & the "connector" threads are various bits of random yarns from my big basket of yarn options (not quite as varied as I was hoping) that include: white and tan varieated cotton, super poofy hot pink softy (but in an acrylic way) yarn, tri-colored purple yarn (of the Walmart variety) and wicked cool autumn colored ribbon (the odd little tuft at the center of the yellow square at one end [or top up the knit up] and the connector of the yellow square to the blue square as the other end [or the bottom]) ... too much information?

You'd think the hard part was done, right? WRONG. There's the figuring out of what pole/object it should adorn ... though today at work I spotted the place I want it to go, so I think that one's a done deal ... as long as I can work up the COURAGE (a.k.a. the hard part) to actually DO IT! EEK! Yep, guess I have to admit that as much as it fills me with excitement to think about doing the deed and seeing my knit up banner wave, I am also filled with serious fears about getting caught in the act. This town is not known for it's mellow cops and their good senses of humor ...

*insert nervous twittering giggles here*

It's all good ... somehow I WILL overcome my twitchies and the knit up WILL go up. Do me a favor and think really positive can-do thoughts for me ...

... and if you find yourself wanting to be part of the fun (and I have a feeling many of you do), go HERE for the scoop, HERE for making sure you've got everything you need in your guerilla knit up kit, HERE for some ideas/reassurances on getting away with it (will be reading and rereading this post a few hundred times) and HERE just to get to know grrl a little better.

... In other cool news, I just found out that I am
one of seven finalists in the Art/Illustration Sub-Category of:

To see the list of other finalists (listed with their links) go HERE

The winners will be announced tomorrow.

HERE's where you can find the first round of winners. You can also vote for the People's Choice award from this first round. I've already voted.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deranged and/or Misguided Bunny ... a Thank You

Sometimes all the stars are aligned in such a way that causes people with hearts to do such generous deeds. Case in point ...

(above images courtesy of Michelle Schafer of the Studio at Crow Haven Farm)

The ever-so-talented & uber creative maker of delightful EB's
(Eclectic Beings, if you don't already know)

Took it upon herself to send me some (much needed & greatly appreciated) love in the form of this Deranged and/or Misguided Bunny ... originally, I thought Bunny was simply hopping over for a visit (and to warm up a bit), but after he arrived, I was formally advised of my duty to adopt him as a member of my family (and a bringer of good luck & happiness).

Wow! What a most excellent surprise.

Since his arrival, Bunny has definitely made himself at home ... he quickly located the Quaker Oats (and emergency stash of canned veggies - EW!) ...

... made friends with all the local wildlife ...

(Cypress Fish has taken it upon himself to give Bunny the complete and guided tour of the area)

Bunny has been caught trying to talk Art Doll (a Monica Magness original) into a camping trip ...

... unfortunately for Bunny, Art Doll is most content sitting on the shelf meditating ... perhaps if he tries a little harder, he might convince her of the perks of outdoor meditation ... guess we'll have to see.

Bunny also likes to hang with Natasia, the nesting doll.

Seems like Natasia just can't tire of the stories Bunny has to share.

At the end of any given day, Bunny can be found snuggled sweetly in bed ... but even then you can see his wee brain working out the adventures of the next day.

* sighs*

Thank you, Michelle, for being a constant reminder to me of just how good life really is. You are one of the people that inspires me to be a better human.

Click on any of the photo's (and her name) to be directed to Michelle's blog

- The Studio at Crow Haven Farm -

... oh! and be prepared to fall in love over and over and over again!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy, Happy Heart Day!

It's time for an announcement!

Click the above image (or HERE) to be directed to the announcement of the
website for the Cigar Box Shrine Auction to benefit the Street Children of Oaxaca!

Over 80 artists worldwide have generously donated their time & artistic visions to the cause. Be sure to check out the amazing contributions


get your bidding hand ready!

... And just in case y'all thought I was darkness and dread during this proclaimed happy heart day, here are a few scribbles that just might change your mind ... or not ...

"Since you, the pieces of my heart are coming together"

"My heart without yours" ... is blue

"It was a good day when your heart colided with mine"

"May you enjoy a Happy, Happy Heart Day
filled with lots of love, love, love"

Always, ~M~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anti V-Day Contest Entry

Who's surprised to hear that I waited till the very last day to get started on my entry? Yep, me neither. I had it in my head that I wanted to do a mock Valentine ... the front would be a happy image with the words, "thanks to you" in some large scripty font and then you'd open it and there'd be the words, "I've got a serious case of" and a picture of a burning heart ... get it? a serious case of heartburn ... bahaha ... at least I crack myself up. After many wooden matches and heartshaped pieces of crumpled paper, all I could get were these:

Not exactly what I was going for ... phooey.


with an hour to go (seriously close ... it's 11:49 as I type) I broke out some Bristol Board and a favorite black pen and some red ink ... the camera and some brightness manipulation (it's late and the light bites) ... here's my entry, "Restricted":

... phew! just by the skin of my teeth.

I'm up against some seriously amazing artists and their awesome contributions.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

With thanks & an update

I'll start with the update. As you might remember, I added washi papers to one side of the heart and all I have done since was coat that side in gloss varnish and paint the flip side white:

and here are a couple closer shots:

Feel free to click on any of the above images to see an even larger view. Next step? Not sure, but I think it includes seed beads ... when will I actually have a few hours to spend on these?!?


I truly appreciate all of the wonderful & generous support
& kind words you have showered on me. It has made a world of difference.

thank you

I'm going to be extremely busy during this job transition ... I'm not the only one moving and have offered (been hired) to help the others with the transistion, too. If I seem to have vanished, it's only an illusion ... I'll be back ... have to be back on the 12th if I want to enter something in this:

... and there's still time if you are interested in submitting something to the contest, too.
Just click on the button above to get the whole scoop.

Plus, in my non-copious spare time, I still need to finish up my mock-knit-up for:

... at least this one is already in the works ...
and again, there's still time to join!

Finally ... thought it was time for another

Cigar Box tease ....


are you sure?!?

cool ...

on the left is a small notebook with the ring on top (handy for lefties like me)
the moleskin notebook on the right is really small, but soooo ready to be marked up.

Be well & dream BIG!

Always, ~M~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In my Attempt to Avoid my Heavy Heart ...

I'm feeling a bit heavy hearted. I decided to take another job and had to give my boss my two weeks notice today ... this would have been a lot easier if I didn't care so much for her. I feel a bit fragile & pretty raw ... so ... even though I have a feeling this is going to be an exercise in twisted delight, instead of working on this:

I thought I would take inspiration from Robyn (click HERE) and post this:

Don made this bronze heart for me (Valentine's '99 - it should be noted that we aren't big into V-Day celebrations, so this was a huge surprise). We were living in Baltimore, MD. He was working at the New Arts Foundry, so was able to make the casting & soldered the "broken lock" part after it was cast. I'm not sure what the material was he used to sculpt the heart, but I am fairly certain this was a one time casting - I don't believe there is a mold of it. Before it was cast, he inscribed the back:

It's really hard to read in this photo ... it says, "Baby, you didn't need a key, you broke the lock to my heart".


If I don't say it enough, I know that I am a lucky, lucky girl.

When the new job opportunity came up, I had a lot of soul searching to do to make my decision. One night I broke out the Sculpy and the next thing I knew I had these:

a bunch of freeform hearts. I wasn't thinking about them as I was forming them - the hearts just seemed to happen. I also had no clue what I was going to do with them. On Saturday I cut out hearts from some of my favorite washi chiyogami papers and attatched them to one side:

I will varnish this side to protect the paper ... but then what? I don't know. I have a feeling I am just going to go with whatever happens ... maybe they'll turn out to be happy little hearts of hope. Guess we'll see.

"Nothing is so strong as
gentleness and nothing is so
gentle as real strength"
Ralph W. Sockman