Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Once in a while, late is actually better than on time ...

Case in point ... back in August I did a little side exchange (a charm for a charm) with the most gracious T of Running w/Scissors ... well, I got her wee package in no time flat (with a bonus charm to boot)

... AND ...

... well, uh, um ...

... she still doesn't have hers ...


she WILL have it before this week is over


Because it took me 100 years to get my act together, it's not just one, not two, but three of the lil crane charms


it doesn't stop there

Check out what's headed to her mailbox:

top/lid of an altered Altoides tin

bottom - if you've ever visited her page, you'll recognize her "logo" from her banner.

(ok, yes, this IS from before completion, but I forgot to take one of the side)


and there's just a little bit more:

and here's a close-up of the goodies for inside the treat box:

(and yes, I did check w/her first to see if she wanted to be surprised or if it was cool to post pictures)

See what I mean?