Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Craft Swap's Rock

This past weekend I participated in a local craft swap with some pretty amazing (and amazingly talented women).  The hostess of the swap, Robin, gave me permission to share photo's that she took of the items being offered for swap (item list below photo):

1) half apron
2) crocheted bracelets w/antique buttons
3) boo boo bags
4) paper bird ornaments
5) castille laundry soap & fabric softener

1) shrinky dink "antique" camera charm bracelet
2) crocheted chocker w/antique buttons
3) cold brew coffee concentrate - option 1
4) magazine envelopes
5) cold brew coffee - option 2

1) needle felted needle book
2) earrings
3) felted soap
4) crocheted headbands
5) mason jar travel mugx/mason jar wall sconces

1) hand carved stamped tags
2) herb salts
3) photo greeting cards
4) hand carved stamped greeting cards
5) heating pad

1) zentangle greeting cards
2) owl plushie
3) string bowls
4) embroidered owl wall hanging (in hoop)
5) lash enhancer
6) un-paper towels
7) embroidered bunny wall hanging (in hoop)
8) handfelted wool dryer balls

... care to guess what I offered to the mix?

there were a small handful of items not shown (like the ginger plant I totally scored, etc.)

This event was so much fun, a holiday craft exchange has already been planned.  If you haven't participated in one, yet, I highly recommend doing so.  Many of us experienced a bit of "performance anxiety", but the group as a whole was sooo generous & welcoming - I don't think a single person felt that way after all was said and done.

*** the photo's are rather small ... if I have a chance to edit them later, I will re-upload larger versions ***

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just completed a new bobble:

It had been a while since I worked on something like this, but I made a pendant necklace & pair of earrings for a dear friend (birthday gift, dont'cha know) ... not pictured (but I'm sure I can talk her into a photo shoot ... eventually).  The pendant and earrings only have the top post, so they move (as well as dangle).  

 Anyway, I enjoyed working on it, so shared it with some girls at work.  A lovely coworker thought the design would make a good bracelet ... I think I agree.  This prototype had some challenges, but I think if I were to do it again, it would be easier the next time around.

Originally, I used THIS tutorial

Friday, August 10, 2012

2nd Dragon Complete

The second dragon is complete (and in time for the birthday, too).

I used the same pattern as the previous post ... just a chunky yarn

Next images are for size comparison:

I would totally use this pattern again ... 
... but better get a couple more birthday gifts done, first.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Been Away Far Too Long ...

I just logged in & was totally lost ... might take a little bit for me to get used to the changes, but I am hopeful.  :)

two updates ...

1) I got a tattoo in the not so distant past:

It's on my right forearm

Does the image look familiar to anyone?  I'm sure it does.  It's artwork & photo by Lynne Hoppe (the link will take you to her blogger page & not the post that has this image ... if you haven't visited it before, it's definitely worth your time to search for it if you are interested).  In case anyone is wondering, I did contact Lynne prior to getting the tattoo to make sure she'd be ok with me using her photo/image & was given her blessing.

I had it done at a local shop - Otherside Ink by Bisquette Bewley (if you have time, check out all of his galleries on his facebook page - his work is pretty flippen impressive) ... it took nearly 4 hours and was completely worth it ... one problem ... now I'm thinking I'd like to turn my whole arm into a tree branch ...

2)  I have been staying crafty ... funny thing is it's been a lot more than just crochet, but here I am posting another amigurumi critter ... this time, A Fierce Dragon (of the sweetest nature).

Meet Freud

he's from a pattern I found on Crafster by Angry Angel ... the pattern is straight forward and though I learned a couple new stitches, was easy to follow ... 

I used a couple of garnet beads for his eyes

 and black yarn for his scales

Sadie (my daughter) get's credit for the photo's of Freud.

I'm working on another one for a little friend that is about to turn five ... hers is being done in a deep red CHUNKY yarn.  It's HUGE (in comparison to Freud) and I am already loving it ... I'll post picture when I have all the pieces done.

OK, I just finished this post and am already digging many of the changes ... I have a feeling I'll get use to them in no time.