Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Charming Day, A Swap & A-Dressing the Situation

Amber Dawn has come up with a great idea, but before you click the image below for the details, go visit Terisa at Running With Scissors to read her charming post - it's a lovely tribute to Amber and the perfect lead in to:

Love the idea ... if you do too, make sure to leave a comment on Amber's post.

Perhaps you've already seen this one:

... maybe you're even signed up for it ... well, I've thrown caution to the wind and me, TOO! At this point I have no idea if I'll be trying to create an actual doll or a softie sort of creature ... thanks goodness there's some time ... if you haven't already signed up, click the image above for the whole scoop

Finally, please visit this post:

It was Monica and her Pink Artist Project that inspired me to not only participate in my very first call-to-artist charity event, but to actually start my blog ... I will forever be grateful to her. So, even though I know zero about making a dress, you can bet I am going to learn. Either click on the image above or HERE for her unique request.


grrl+dog said...

Monica is a total mover and shaker, I admire her...and the under the sea swap looks goood. You certainly are the google of swaps, arent you? I just have to log on to you to know what is going on where... thanks.

Stephanie said...

Monica has such a huge heart and I'm sure this new project will be a wonderful success!

shiborigirl said...

Wow, Michelle, you sure are busy! I like all the links you've provided here. Off to check out Amber's now...


Sue said...

I'm still trying to figure out if I have time to do the swap, it looks like so much fun!

Off to check out your other links.

Christine said...

So many things to do..I want to do them all! Hope your Easter was wonderful:)

Lorraine said...

thanks for all the links will have to check them out..thanks for all your great comments on my blog..hope you had a good Easter

SpiritMama said...

I'm so glad you are in the swap, I know you will love it, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I've heard of Adressing the situation, and I'm going to go learn more now. Thanks for the great info!

bindu said...

Will be interesting to see what you come up with for these!

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

You make my head spin....thanks for all the are a sweetie and one busy girl.

Marilyn said...

So I was intrigued by the Under
The Sea Swap when I read your post on Sunday, but after a houseful of company over the weekend I didn't think I had the energy for it. But it keeps haunting me--I'm such a swapping junkie--and I think I NEED (lol) to do this one. Looks like a good one...thanks for the tip:)
I'm already signed up for A-dressing the Situation--that Monica is always doing something good, isn't she?

Robyn said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do. Gotta hand it to you are certainly game...making a dress with no previous experience...good for you!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi Sweet Thang.... I left you something over on my Blog... Thanks for posting all of the upcoming events... Have you started your Dress yet? eeeekkk Working on my and Zan's Doll Swap...Have a beautiful creative and fruit loops are on my agenda...hehehehehe

Jennifer Juniper said...

I was just coming over to check on you since I hadn't heard from you in awhile and you stopped by!

This is cool, I'm going to click your links and read more :)

Janet said...

Then I'm grateful to Monica too :-)

Chris said...

So, how you doin?

Bairbre Aine said...

Oh Michelle, Thank you!!!!
I love, love, love the links for Charms and softie projects.
I make charms and softie dolls and dresses too.
What fantastic inspiration I've found here...and it's because of you!
Much thanks..and another ta for visiting my page.
My wee students had fun creating the fairy houses. All natural items collected around our school grounds.
My favourite part, sharing with them about being more "GREEN" at home.
My wee attempt to make a difference in the world. :)

inventivesoul said...

Please change the blog link to
That way it goes to the new blog and people can sign up right away.
~*Thank you!!!*~


Pursuing Art... said...

You are so sweet to share these projects and links!!! Oh...I'd really love to do charm day and under the sea swap...but have to slap my hand and say *no Lisa* and stick to my priorities. It is exactly what keeps getting me in trouble and *behind*!!! ~wink~ I'm looking forward to seeing your creature creation...what fun!!!

I'm in on addressing the situation though...and me too, not sure about making a dress but I'm going to figure it out! And, that is funny...Ms. Sunshine is the one who inspired me to start blogging too...she is something else and the biggest sweetheart!!! I wish my poor blog were better...I'm trying ~wink~...but I, too, will be forever grateful for her telling me to just do it...I've met such wonderful friends! I'm grateful that she talked you into starting've got it going on girl!!!

Thank you for swinging by and leaving your sweet comments! Hope the sun is shining on you...~Lisa ;-)

Lorraine said...

great links..come on over and check out my little charms for charm day!