Friday, April 9, 2010

A Second Update (or: The Girl Likes to Weave Paper)

As of 04/09/10 - the auction dates have been postponed to April 17 - 24th.

There's still time to create a cigar box shrine if the urge is inside you.

All contributions now due April 16th (phew ... looks like I've got a little time to breathe after all.


Paint dry, pieces separated & the weaving began ... love the effect of using the same basic colors but contrasting with light against dark. Here's the blue/green one:

And the blue/purple (narrower strips):

Once weaved, I added glue to the back and let it dry completely ... then cut pieces from the weave and covered all the sides plus the front ... the wider strip weave went on the top and bottom (long sides) with the other on the sides ... I added pieces of both to the front "panels/doors".

Here's a view of the top ... or maybe that's the bottom:

and of one side:

Here's a shot of the front (with a little top-a-showin):

and another one (with a little side-a-showin):

I really, REALLY like the effect of the painted paper weaved, though I am thinking I'd like to seal it with some varnish ... matte? gloss? ... not sure. I am sure that this makes me want to do a much larger scale weaved piece ... will have to add that to the list that keeps on growing.

The cigar boxes need to be completed and posted to the auction site tomorrow. I'm hoping the interior completion comes together as naturally as everything else to this point. I'll be sure to post to let everyone know when up & available to bid on.


Janet said...

You are so amazingly creative! I love this, it's just beautiful :-)

femminismo said...

Gorgeous. You're right about the beauty of woven paper - at least here!

Sue said...

I had trouble envisioning this earlier, but WOW!!!! Love it! The woven effect is dramatic and gorgeous.


Seth said...

Spectacular creation!

Abi said...

I love what I see so far! lovely to 'meet' you :O)

Marilyn said...

This is gorgeous, Michelle.....the last photo shows off the design and the colors so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

This is very cool!

Saucy said...

Beautiful and my gut says: matte varnish or sealer but I know these things are typically done with gloss... you are a busy lady indeed!


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