Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Winner Announced ... and other news ...

The Royal Palm Marina announced the Seawall Art Contest winner on this past rain filled 4th of July. Congratulations goes to Diane Davidson! Her piece really is pretty special:

Here's a detail of the cool crab (holding a beer from Zeke's - the Tiki Bar located right above this portion of the wall):

and another detail:

Also, the:

Contributions are (mostly) in. I, unfortunately, did not rise to the occasion and submit mine in time ... I did notice that Lucy still had pages that looked like they needed to be done, so updated my design with one of those dates and sent it over to her ... I don't know if the list is current or if she'll use the design, but thought I'd share this one:

I believe if you click on the above image it will take you to a larger version.




must give a shout out to one super-fantastic


on a fluke, I picked up the latest issue of Stuffed (been wanting a copy since the first issue, but this was the first time I actually has the chance to buy one from the newstand) ... to my happy delight, Denise and her delightful Fuzels were brilliantly featured ... methinks you ought to go check them out:

you can also find grrl @ her etsy shop HERE


MarZel said...

LOL... Oopps wrong window.

Long time no see. Great post. Miss you lots!!

Much Blessings!!

Parabolic Muse said...

How great this looks! I love the design. And, I sure wish I had a copy of that magazine. She got some mad skillz, that Denise! Thanks for the head's up.

One Crabapple said...

can I buy the zebra page ?

I mean it

something happened this morning

to do w/ zebras

and then I see THIS

and I sound like.... a weirdo

I know I do

thank goodness you know me

so you know that tis true

she is a weirdo

but harmless.....

calll me ! ---laughing

(left my email on the link)

cuz I want THAT

b a d


One Crabapple said...


The Crab is WAY COOL - Congrats to that artist (diane?)

and Sending out L O V E to Th'Grrrrrl

Congrats on that too (will keep an eye out for that issue, thanks for TIP)