Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Craft Swap's Rock

This past weekend I participated in a local craft swap with some pretty amazing (and amazingly talented women).  The hostess of the swap, Robin, gave me permission to share photo's that she took of the items being offered for swap (item list below photo):

1) half apron
2) crocheted bracelets w/antique buttons
3) boo boo bags
4) paper bird ornaments
5) castille laundry soap & fabric softener

1) shrinky dink "antique" camera charm bracelet
2) crocheted chocker w/antique buttons
3) cold brew coffee concentrate - option 1
4) magazine envelopes
5) cold brew coffee - option 2

1) needle felted needle book
2) earrings
3) felted soap
4) crocheted headbands
5) mason jar travel mugx/mason jar wall sconces

1) hand carved stamped tags
2) herb salts
3) photo greeting cards
4) hand carved stamped greeting cards
5) heating pad

1) zentangle greeting cards
2) owl plushie
3) string bowls
4) embroidered owl wall hanging (in hoop)
5) lash enhancer
6) un-paper towels
7) embroidered bunny wall hanging (in hoop)
8) handfelted wool dryer balls

... care to guess what I offered to the mix?

there were a small handful of items not shown (like the ginger plant I totally scored, etc.)

This event was so much fun, a holiday craft exchange has already been planned.  If you haven't participated in one, yet, I highly recommend doing so.  Many of us experienced a bit of "performance anxiety", but the group as a whole was sooo generous & welcoming - I don't think a single person felt that way after all was said and done.

*** the photo's are rather small ... if I have a chance to edit them later, I will re-upload larger versions ***

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LittleBadWren said...

It's a wonderful way to work out some crafting energy!