Sunday, March 9, 2008

4X4 Friday - 03/07/08 - Pets

The Friday, March 07 4X4 Friday challenge was ... pets!

How fun is that? I decided to go a more literal route for this weeks challenge. The above is composed of pictures of our very own wonder-dog, Fern. She's a pound puppy (at about 8+ years old, at this point) and since bringing her home, we've been advised that she's actually a "puggle" - mix breed of pug and beagle. Talk about a terrific little critter - everyone that meets her, loves her - she really is that great. She's sweet tempered & has a tongue that's too big for her mouth. :)

The central image is a photo that I took in 2006. I used Jasc Paint Shop to give it a weave affect and then made a copy of that and flipped the image (to achieve the mirror image). The banner of Fern at the top and bottom is the image you'll find on my blog. (I printed the images on 30lb Business Gloss paper.) Love that face! At either edge I globbed on some Liquitex Iridescent Rich Gold acrylic paint (to cover the little bit of white space that the images couldn't quite reach). The heart that surrounds the mirror image is also Liquitex acrylic paint, though it's in Quinacridone Rose with the Rich Gold dots. The whole piece was rather quick and simple, but I have to admit that I'm happy with the results.

Thank you for stopping by. Comments are most welcome. :)


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow what a brilliant idea. Wonderful 4 x 4. Love it.

Andrea, said...

Fabulous, great idea

Femmy said...

Brilliant card!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha very cute