Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday - Wallpaper

Wallpaper - Thursday, March 20, 2008
This week’s creative prompt is Wallpaper. Look to your own favorite papered walls for inspiration of pattern and color… use wallpaper scraps in your art… design your own desktop wallpaper… or perhaps feature wallpaper somehow in an illustration, painting, collage or sketch.

For years my uber-spouse has been trying to coax me to embrace color (for I only worked with two colors at a time and one was almost always black). It's been a real struggle ... you see, I am afraid ... very, very afraid. As a general rule, my eyes don't seem to put colors together well. I thought the wallpaper challenge would be a fun way to play a little with colors and patterns. I wanted to do something bold and bright ... I also needed to stay a little safe by sticking close together on the color wheel ... here's what happened:

This was done with Prisma Color pencils on a piece of 4"x4" Bristol Board.

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Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Excellent choices in colours and shapes -- you've captured the essence of wallpaper...and I hope you continue to grow and be brave with colours and really let your imagination take off...the beauty of a challenge like this is the "safety" in being able to do it on paper or digitally -- before taking the plunge with real objects!!

Deb G said...

I like your color combinations! Especially the polk-a-dots.