Friday, June 27, 2008

Tag ... I'm it

It's a first ... I was just tagged by that most charming Amber Dawn (sorry, I just couldn't resist ... she really is the Queen of Charms) ... here's the scoop:

The rules are: link back to the person's blog who tagged you, include these rules, list 3 unimportant things about yourself (** wait, I have to admit that there are unimportant things about me?!? ... uh, ok.) and then list 3 more bloggers who are tagged to do the same.


1. I have two standard replies when complimented, "years and years of practice" or "shhh ... it's a secret".

2. I'm convinced the most romantic line in movie history is from the most recent version of Pride and Prejudice when Darcy tells Elizabeth "and I love, love, love you ..." - I know it has everything to do with his delivery, but I melt every time I see that scene. *sighs*

... hmmm ... then again, it just might be "as you wish" from the Princess Bride.

3. I think I'm part crow (the bird) or octopuss because I really, really like sparkly shiny things.

who's next?!?

Donna over at Mice and Moonbeams (and be sure to check out her Princess Squash Diary's)

Sandy from Sandy's Creations (a real delight)

Carmen of Writing From Life (writing of life through the eyes of a mermaid)


inventivesoul said...

As you wish!


Thanks for playing!
I LOVED reading your #1! So cool!

The maker of charms... not quite the queen!

Sandy said...

Oooo I love that line from Pride as well. I saw the movie for the first time a month ago. Those are some fun randoms. Thanks for the tag!


hautemommy said...

oh my gosh, I loveeeee that line from Pride & prejudice!!!! That Mr. Darcy is so darn sexy, too!!! :) xo!

gkgirl said...

i just stopped by
on the way to the tea party
at a fanciful twist
and wanted to say
that i think your wedding story
was adorable...
so many twists and turns!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Princess Bride is one of our personal faves and we watch Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, melt, melt) at least ONCE a year... I knew there was a reason we got along sew well you & I!

Ready for tea? Stop by, I just put a pot on fresh for you...

xo, Monica :)

Daydreamer :) said...

My, my you have quite a group. I hope you all enjoyed the party as much as we did.

Thanks for stopping by and helping with the clean up.

Many thanks,
Daydreamer :)

mermaid musings said...

tag i am!!!!