Friday, September 26, 2008

Moonlight Squash Blossom & Pink Pretties

Not too long ago I was visiting Cat's blog and she posted a few items that she had just finished. All of the new pieces were stunning, but one just sang to me. For days I would go visit her Etsy shop just to drool (ok ... also hoping that nobody had purchased it, either) and finally last week I was in a position to treat myself to a prezzie ... drumroll, please ....


My new necklace, Moonlight Squash Blossom, arrived in the mail on Monday:

here's a detail of the piece:

Pictures really don't do this stunning little work of wearable art the justice it deserves.

* sighs *


This past weekend I also recieved my package of little pink pretties from

Amber Dawn's

Think Pink Charms Exchange:

Above is a group shot and the next four are close-ups.

(Feel free to click on any photo to see larger versions)

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with each of these amazing little pink creations and feel so lucky to have them. I will definitely wear them with PINK ARTIST PRIDE!

... and think about this ...

all of this came about thanks to a community of people answering


call to artists for a very special project ... speaking of which, the drawing for

Love Squared

& other fabulous artful prizes is still happening ...
the drawing is open until October 15th, so go check it out.


MJ said...

Fun! I am a natural doodad hoarder and I gotta get over that trait! Still, I would hoard those sweet pink doodads for a while because they are so cute! Lucky you!

Sabii Wabii said...

I just got my pkg in the mail. This was my first charm swap and now I'm hooked! Wishing I had received one of your cranes! I jsut put mine on a necklace chain yesterday...can't wait to wear it now!
I told Money Bags about your compliment on her photography....she thinks I'm a dork to blog...but liked that I used her photos! Thank you.

MJ said...

Hello! The primary reason why my dh isn't doing the drywall isn't the installation of the drywall itself but the taping and doing the seams of the drywall itself. He doesn't like the way he does it, it takes him a lot of time to do it (sanding over and over and over again whereas those good at it can get the job done within 2 applications) and doing nice corners is really hard. Due to the shortage of labour, if the job is too small, no one can be enticed into doing it as they want bigger jobs. So, if we keep the drywall and taping together as a job, we'd be more likely to attract someone to do it ~ the basement is 1550 sq feet (as we live in a one-story bungalow).

Why don't I do it? Ever try to work with 2 children under 5 around and who won't take naps? LOL! Busy little people! We'd be doing all our work starting at 9:00 pm or until 7:15 a.m.!

Plus, and more importantly, I can't stand upright for long because they think my abdominals collapsed summer 2007; I could barely walk around the block in August 2007. I write about it periodically or allude to it in my blog. I have to be careful how I move my back (ie: not too much bending over). Some days, even making a salad at the counter is difficult. I am at risk of a relapse at any time. I have written how it has impacted me doing crafts ~ I have troubles using my rotary cutter to cut fabrics because of the leaning involved in cutting.

Whew! What a long answer! Have a great day!

LaY hOoN said...

What a beautiful charms you had receive !

Marilyn said...

Good for you, treating yourself to a beautiful piece of wearable art!

How fun to see the pink charms you received in the swap--they're fabulous! Did you keep one of your own pink charms to wear with them?

Marina Capano said...

Hi! so cute!!!


Cat said...

Hi! Thanks for the mention and the link... I'm glad you like.

Adorable charms!

And thanks for the reminder on Love Squared, I need to go link to that.

Have a beautiful day! ...and keep creating!

Hugs, C

Sandy Michelle said...

Those pink charms are cool!You got a lovely necklace too! Happy creating!


cindy said...

Such wonderful little pieces and I love the way each one has it's own little tag and such. Love that necklace too!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I get to navigate the world of art blogs because it's so inspiring to see what everybody else is making, such as felt necklaces. And who doesn't love a giveaway!
Have a wonderful week Michelle!

susanna said...

Oh how wonderful! Look at these little gifts! How thoughtful. :)

Kate said...

Lucky you! Fun necklaces and pretty charms. I love when prezzies arrive in the mail! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi M!

What a beautiful necklace - MY mouth is watering over it! I also adore your charms - just lovely, as well as your black and white drawings.

Did you order your date book yet? I ordered the book and cd - I always want the whole enchilada! haha!

Hope you are well - I've been missing Blogland.

~Blessings, Donna

Robyn said...

It's so good to treat yourself to something that speaks to you and this necklace is so unique and creative. Enjoy!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, toooo fun!

I'm loving the selection I got. Waited to share my post until I had my charms hooked onto my bracelet...

ALL PINK here! This special bracelet is truly a treasure!

I may just have to join another swap in the future so to fill up my charm bracelet?

xo, Monica

LaY hOoN said...

Hi, I've tagged you. Kindly refer to my Mescrap blog.