Thursday, September 4, 2008

Soul Journal - Days 7, 8 & 9 ... Plus a Charmed Sneak Peek

Did you think Sadie and I had thrown in the towel on our Soul Journals? Nope, just put them on pause for a bit.

Day 7

We were instructed to journal (in small writing with a ball point pen) on two pages using the prompt, "I forgot to tell you". Once done, we covered the entire two pages in tape (Sadie and I used plain masking tape, blue painters tape and duct tape). Somehow I forgot to take a photo at the completion of Day 7 ... oh well.

Day 8

We sanded the tape to scuff the surface, put a light coat of gesso on and then painted (with a dry brush) and wiped off the paint - I used yellow and pink to make some sort of seriously Easter egg-ish washy finish. After the paint dried, we sanded the pages some more. This is how mine ended up:

oh! we also picked a flower and pressed it somewhere in the book ... hmmm ... wonder where it is.

Day 9

Time to revisit the pages started on Day 6 ... we were to add a lighter color (I actually chose three - magenta, a really light powdery blue and a glitter paint) - wiping and dabbing along the way. Once the paint was to a point that we liked, we had to grab a pen or marker and write: 8 words describing your pictures, circle one picture, draw a messy square around four, draw a dotted line around two and draw a broken "stitch" line around one. Work them till satisfied ... I started off with my handy dandy fine point Sharpie. I thought I was done when I finished the prompts ... UNTIL ... I saw the white Uniball that Sandy had sent along with the Mad Hatter Winning Package of goodness ... oh, I do believe that I am in LOVE ... ok, here's Day 9 fini:

and a close-up to boot:

... and it should also be noted that Sarah asked how many of us found and put together the word "ART" ... uh, guilty (yes, I have been known to state the obvious on occasion)

And for the Charming sneak peak

... this is where I am with the Michelle original designs/glass/Sculpy prototypes that I am working on for possible inclusion in Amber Dawn's latest Black and White Charm Swap:

Not so easy to photograph ... If they don't end up working out (or making the cut for the exchange) I know that I can easily turn them into little tiny magnets ... something about them appeals to me.

... Remember ... you can click on any image to see a larger version ...

... and all Large Itallic words (except these two) are actually links ...

Here's hoping all is well in your little universe!


Oliver Rain said...

I love the charms. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

aha! Your soul journal is not dead.. I am procrastinating too. Fell into a hole when she announced the end. Lovely charms and how brave are you for making them knowing they could be rejected!!! Brave Soul.

cindy said...

Cool! Love the eastery egg pages....very madras plaid! : D

And the charms are so cute too...yeah, would make fun magnets as well.

You are just on a creative bender my dear! And I love it!!!!!


KathrynAntyr said...

I am jumping up and down over your charms. I want them! Can I buy some from you? I'd love them as magnets. The mudra and heart are my favs.

Now your Soul Journal pages are fabulous. The color of the sampler page is gorgeous. Lovin' the white pen.

Hugs to you and Sadie!

Shonna said...

Ooh! Those charmes are the bomb!!!! LOL!! I really appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving comments. Thanks!!!!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh my UNIVERSE is swell now that I stopped in and SOAKED up the goodness here girlie! LOVE the journalling, MAD about your vision, and THAT texture is to DIE for!!!


Could I be in heaven here?


I can.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What cool work you do! It's great to meet you!
Thanks for swinging by my party. I love making new creative friends.

And I love chocolate oranges, by the way! Great addition to the break it up list!

rochambeau said...

Dear Third Eye,
Love your soul journal!
Eb of Be Dream Play taught how to go a manifestation journal with some of your same techniques.
Yours really look great!

Happy Sunday!


rochambeau said...

I meant to say make a Not go a!!!


Marilyn said...

Michelle, I love the way your journal is coming along--really great looking techniques! And your charms, oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! Look at you go, girl!
Hugs, Marilyn:) said...

My little universe say heloooo to you sweet one!!

Oo, your journals.. I should really keep one, it is so inspiring to see your pages...

wahm922 said...

Your soul journal is very inspiring. I really should think about doing something like this then maybe I won't have to use my blog to vent to the whole world - oppsie!

Today is a new and creative day : )

daydreamstudios said...

I really like where your going with the charms. Are you going to wrap them in wire? Pretty cool. The black and white is awesome!

Cat said...

Your soul journal speaks well of your soul! Very creative and beautiful....

Neat charms too!

MJ said...

The purple is amazing! I am regularly surrounded by purple by a little girl who insists on wearing something purple every day! No wonder it caught my eye!

Kate said...

Michelle, it's inspiring to see your journal pages coming to be. The easter colored one is gorgeous.

And those charms! They would be great as magnets.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a journal. And I like the fact you showed step by step (that's a lot of work!).Those are the kinds of books you can look at and touch for the longest time~beautiful. I've made many books, but never a soul journal.
Your charms are so cool! Have a lovely week:)

david santos said...

Very pretty!!!

susanna said...

Soul Journals - what an interesting project! I like what you've done. And those charms are quite lovely. You're right, they would make great magnets, too. I think they would make great holiday gifts this year. I know, it's a bit early to be thinking of Christmas but... :)

mermaid musings said...

i have been a little away from my journal too but i will make it up eventually.
I love the small squares a lot and have seen lately around, I should give it a try it is very clever.

Jill Zaheer said...

Love this soul journal too. The colors, picture pics, patterns and designs are all wonderful. Thanks so much for going through the entire process of how you made it! What a treat!

Pattio said...

Your charms are beautiful! I love your post about the Soul Journal. I am a visual journaling addict and I am always interested in new processes. thanks for posting


Seth said...

Day 9 journal spread...just great!! I love how all the squares look and the colors you chose really pop!

Anonymous said...

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