Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Smiling ...

Maggie from Magpie's Collectables sent me this wonderful postcard:

This was such an unexpected surprise - click on the image to take in all the detail she added to the piece ... simply a postcard? I think not! This is definitely a remarkable piece of workmanship - I love the added thread work and the little beaded touches.

Maggie drew her inspiration from a photograph that I took:

To see the rest of the photo's from that day, feel free to visit THIS post.

Thank you, Maggie!

In other happy news, not one, but two lovely ladies were kind enough to bestow the Sisterhood Award on me. I have to admit that I am still uncomfortable with these kinds of awards, but
this award is presented to blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude ...something I strive to do ... and is from two ladies that I admire quite a lot ...

Sue from Barton Originals has me drooling over her latest "Kindred" doll series - you really need to shoot on over HERE and check them out. Be prepared, you just might fall in love.

Michelle from the Studio at Crow Haven Farm, well, she simply delights and amazes me with all of her creations and her super generous personality - you can visit Michelle right HERE ... and don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to shop.

The requirements of accepting this blog are:

1. put the award logo on your blog and/or post

2. nominate five other blogs that you feel show the spirit of the award.

3. to let the nominees know about the award, comment on their blog.

4. Link to the nominees in your blog post.

5. To show gratitude and friendship to the person that gave you the award, link to them in a blog post.

I just can't narrow this down to five people - everyone I visit teaches me and inspires me to keep on keepin on - try new things - be brave & simply try ... in light of this, I'm offering the Sisterhood Award to you all (you too, Seth, you can be an honorary sister!).


julie king said...

wow! you're right about maggie's postcard -- it really is a mini work of art! very impressive. congrats on your awards. you so deserve them for keeping such a positive outlook on your blog (and in you every day life, i'm sure!)

bindu said...

Congratulations! And the bead work really adds the texture to match the pollen on the flower. Very nice.

Dot said...

Maggie's postcard is stunning Michelle (as is the photograph you took which inspired it).

Congrats on the award too!

Dot xx

Anonymous said...

Getting art surprises in the post is like christmas in the old days, I think..

LaY hOoN said...

Beautiful postcard !!!
What a wonderful day to receive such unexpected gorgeous masterpiece.

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Yes.....I must say have been a VERY good girl! Congratulations on your sisterhood deserved for always sending out love.

urban craft said...

You're so lucky to have scored the postcard. Really beautiful, I dig your blog. Thanks!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful postcard and so special to have been inspired by one of your photographs--what a wonderful surprise!
Congrats on your much deserved awards:)

Sue said...

The postcard is gorgeous! What a fabulous treat to receive.

As for the award, you deserve it!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Michelle! That card is way cool! Let me know if you ever do make a Michelle doll!!! Congrats on the award girly!

Sandy xox

Bairbre Aine said...

Lucky you, great fiber postcard.
And congrats on the blog award.
I had received one when I first started to blog a few months back, but didn't know what to do (silly me).
I'm glad you posted the requirements for others to understand.
Very well done!
Oh, I finish my very first crochet tutorial. Nip over and view it, won't you? Tell me what you think...
my son helped me. We had a nice time.
Bairbre Aine

shiborigirl said...

What a great treat to arrive at your doorstep! And to be the inspiration for someone else's work is a treat in itself. How lovely.

Congrats on the award.


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi Michelle, my little sister...I love the postcard you got from Maggie..Beautiful and did you take that picture of that flower...nice Job girl..We won't be seeing any flowers blooming just yet here on the East was 18 degrees last night...brrrr... You are so right about Sue's series "Kindred Dolls" they are freaking adorable!
Warm wishes to you and your love ones..Always a pleasure seeing my precious friend here! Love ya

Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful card and a beautiful friend! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

You really should frame this postcard, it's exquisite. And how great that she drew inspiration from one of your photographs???

Embrace your award, you deserve it :)


Misty's Creations said...

I just stopped by to ask you if you are a Twilight fan, I am and that's all there is to it! If you want to see something that makes you feel good. Go to google vidio, you tube... Rob pattinson and tayler Lautner on the Tyra Banks show part 1 and 2. Part one sets you up for two. I loved this it made me feel so good! Even if your not a fan. Feeling good is good.

Christine said...

Congrats on your definitely deserve them:) And what a cool postcard! I have seen them made from fabric but never a felt one..very cool!
Lucky you..your photos are beautiful and I'm glad you get to enjoy Spring already :)

cindy said...

Maggie's post card is clever of her and the detail is beautiful! And congrats on the award...well deserved my friend, well deserved.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful job in interpreting your fabulous photo!!! Love them both!

Chris said...

What a cool card! I love textile-y things since I don't textile. Great colors, too!


Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS postcard!! And you deserve the award - don't be shy or uncomfortable about accepting it! =)

Hope you are well!

Donna Patrice

Corrine said...

Fantastic post card, don't you just love the colours?

Anonymous said...

Maggie is such a doll. You must be too to have received one of Maggie's special items.


purplepaint said...

Your photo is awesome!!! You must have a macro lens? Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my latest exploration into beading on fabric. :) Marva

shiborigirl said...

Hi Michelle,

Just wondering what you are creating these days? Still folding cranes?

Happy Weekend,


Seth said...

Thanks Michelle! I have never been made an honorary sister before...and probably never again! I do appreciate your humor and including me!! Best, Seth

Saucy said...

Maggie's postcard is lovely and I really want to touch it because it looks so soft! And tactile.