Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's in a Collage?

I recently joined a study group and one of the first assignments was to pick a journal and personalize it. The journal I picked was one that I have had for a few years - the cover is really pretty all on it's own, so I decided to combine that task with another collage assignment and collaged the end pages both at the front:

and the back:

I have already completed my first journal prompt, but thought I would hit you all up ... so, what do these two collages tell you about me? Inquiring minds want to know, so if you are up for it ... humor me & share your thoughts


Sue said...

I see someone who is creative (a given), lover of nature - which also ties in with the spiritual and mystical traits that I see. I also see someone that enjoys life's journey
and looks for the beauty in
the small moments.



Janet said...

That you like blues & greens, oranges & yellows; you're far-seeing, creative, you like the little things, candles and butterflies and flowers, wide open spaces, ballet, plaid, geckos and henna writing :)

Marilyn said...

Hmmm, I see a visual, open and spiritual person with an appreciation for the arts and a sparkle in her eye!
Lovely collage...
Happy journaling!

Clevelandgirlie said...

My impression of you..... hmmmm.... based upon these two collages - I see someone who appreciates beauty - both simple (natural) and ostentacious (ornamental), someone who loves color(s) - all colors, and probably what comes to me most of all out of these is that I see someone who has a peaceful, spiritual side - but is a WILD CHILD none the less!!! Something I can most certainly relate to and perhaps is while I am so drawn to both your ART and you as a PERSON.
You rock~!

Chris said...

Do they say that you subscribe to Vanity Fair? Do they say that you like the bling bling? Or maybe they say you like COLOR! But we knew that, right?

I'm liking these. Are you going to write on them? I have to find a white pen to do my journaling with because my colors are so bright I can't see my pen!

rock on, sister!

adrienne said...

Those are pretty! I'd say you have a deep connection to nature, are spiritual, intuitive, and very creative. And very brave to ask :)

megg said...

Oooh, I see magic and mystery and beauty and a healthy touch of sass! Am I right?!

shiborigirl said...

OK, what I see, is that you look for beauty in nature and that you are a paradox: you enjoy simplicity and yet you have a keep eye for intricate details. I find the page with the eye and candles intriguing - is that a fish I see at the center of the eye?


Sacred Yoli said...

Hmmmmm, I see lots of color, passion and sensuality. A dreamer who appreciate serenity.

Love your collages, Mujer!


Glassgrrl Studios said...

Jumping right in with my thoughts, so I don't know how much I'll echo what's already been said.
These pages tell my you are vibrant and warm, with an affection for rich, deep, bold colors, and striking imagery from nature.
If you're shy, you're not really - judging by the *bam* quality of your collage.

Melinda Cornish said...

introspective and seeking inner peace....

Sabii Wabii said...

You once again got too close to the german glitter and it got all over your lashes....
and ummmm, your secretly want a geko tatoo to wear while your dancing through the wheat fields?
Project blogway is life size of close too.

lynne h said...

jeez, michelle... i LOVE these. what do they say about you? hmmmm... that you have vision, you like color and nature, you've got a great eye for design (duh), and maybe new doorways are opening. and OBVIOUSLY that you inspire others! xxoo

bindu said...

It seems ... like color and complexity, are quite adventurous and unafraid to enjoy the beauty in unconventional and out of the ordinary things.

Robyn said...

Looking into these beautiful journal pages, I see a very creative, spiritual, fun loving person who finds joy in the little details especially out in nature. that's why I like you so much!

Bairbre Aine said...

Oh my goodness, what wonderful comments and insights! I see much of the same in your collage (spiritual, magic, connected to nature, mysteries of life, and of course strong avenues in creative realms).

I also 'see' a visionary.
Seeing beyond what is there. The unseen beauty in life!

You have cheered me up, complimented me, inspired me and be so kind, in all your comments that you have left on my blog.

I'm realsing how wonderful the world of blogging is, because of wonderful women, such as yourself!

I am heartfully grateful!

Bairbre Aine

Sandy Michelle said...

I'd love to take a class like this! Your pages look fabulous so far! I can see that you love sun flowers, nature, rustic things and dancers!


Misty's Creations said...

I have also experienced your kindness and genorosity by way of your comments on my blog. I feel from these beautiful pages, an obessesion(in a good way) of wanting to know the answers to the unanswered questions of our origin and existance. A stonge love of anything to do with the universe. A possibile Celtic connection to Mother Earth which leads you in to dabbleing in Wicca (or at least becoming more educated in that area)and all it's mysteries. Someone with insight who feels whats about to happen but tells no one and only you know you know the phone was about to ring or that person would be the next at your door! And I also feel it was very brave of you to ask, Bravo, my friend! Misty

Jan Moulder said...

I see a person with two very different facets. One is quite ordinary and simple. I might say superficial? But the other is deep and rich...full of insight and wisdom. You can surprise people who think they know you.

Cat said...

I see a lover of mystic
and nature,
one who enjoys creative

I see a complex person
who is drawn to the contrast
between different elements.

This would point to a strong person who is also gentle and compassionate.

Smiles to you,

Stephanie said...

beautiful pages! Color and natural detail...golden henna hands..


Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Your work says.......fabulous, fun, fabled,faith,fame, fancier,fantastic,farsighted and one of favor!

Christine said...

I see someone who while may be social is deep down on a solitary quest. Searching for meaning in nature. The jewel in the center of the eye represents beauty and knowledge that you were born with and it's searching for more like minded people, things.
I look forward to seeing more! Beautiful imagery~I think it's awesone that you have joined a group and are taking your art seriously enough to discover who you really are via your work.Isnt that what art is all about?

Pattee said...

Wow you are a wonderful journeyer! Such beautiful collages...
Let's me see:
You like open spaces, rainbow colors, rock people, embellishments, deserts, flight....
any of those ring a bell?
Pat : )

Jan Moulder said...

Sheesh, I feel like such I clutz! In reading what I said last night it sounds really negative and I didn't mean it that way. What I meant is that you could be just as comfortable spending a day at the mall with your girlfriends getting your nails done as you could spending a week in Tibet chanting with the monks. You embrace all the layers of yourself from the most 'superficial' to the deepest part of your soul. And that's a good thing! *smile*

LaY hOoN said...

So beautiful collages.
Love the bling bling eye !!

Margaret Ann said...

Serenity, Reflection...artistic soul...that's what I see. :)

And...These pages are gorgeous! :)

Karla Rosendall said...

I see someone who is more ambitious than me! :-)
I see someone who is calmed and inspired by natural beauty. You enjoy quiet time so you can reflect. A flair for things unusual and different. Elegant, but not extravagant. Oh, and you like to be warm!

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

A person who loves color with a wide range of interests. Someone who takes the time to appreciate the luxuries of life, both big and small. Inspired and grounded my nature and the sky. Sensual, exuding the beauty in your soul. One who loves to learn and experience new things. Believes in possibility. Maybe a bit of an introspective, quiet type but with a mind that is always moving. Takes a while to open up with others.

Now I am curious if I interpreted anything correctly. I love the weathered doors. What is the significance of the lizard/gecko?

This was fun and made me think. (which is always good) :) I haven't done my journal yet. It is stumping me and I feel like I don't have any images that really resonate with me. But when I get it done I am going to email it to you so you can let me know what you gather from it.

SpiritMama said...

I just have to get in on this one!
I didn't read the other replies because I want to write my own first. Here is what I see:

You love nature. A lot of your inspiration comes from the colors, textures, and scenery you find outdoors.

You have a lot of fire. Maybe you are a fire sign or have lots of fire in your chart.

I get the feeling that you must "get out". There are lots of windows, doors, and portals, which show that you want to get away or be transported somewhere.

You see more than the surface layer of anything. You look deeper, beyond the obvious. I'm sure you are known as a "deep person". You are complex.

I think you visit other worlds. You have one foot in this world and one in another realm.

This was fun, let me know how I did!

purplepaint said...

I love these collages!!! Beautiful! Is this an online class? I think you like nature, rustic things, a little bling here and there...

dkuroiwa said... I'm really late for the party (been sick, now catching up on the gazillion posts waiting for me!)...but I really want to comment here.
When I first saw your collages, one word hit me....EXOTIC.
To me, exotic can be simply done as with candles or an open window with a breeze blowing through...or it can go to the other extreme..full of reds and oranges and full-tilt passion.
In all your artwork, you have such exotic put things together that I would never have thought would fit. and they work.
Your tastes run from very simple to "come to daddy"-bling.

I love the way you put your whole self into your art.

Lorraine said...

this is easy are a colourful cosmic hippie who enjoys life and doesnt take it too seriously..great colourful all those layers

cindy said...

Love it! Bright, colorful and lots of fun!