Thursday, August 26, 2010


OK, I give ... I really do like it when I have more than one thing on my plate at a time ... here's some "Works in Progress" First, I'm working on a new yarnish project & have been testing some squares like:


I think I like the stitch better in the first square, but I LOVE the yarn of the second one ... it's super soft & the earthy colors feel good.

My mom-in-law threw down a challenge ... she wants me to try my hand at making a doll for an ADO (Art Dolls Only) challenge ... the theme is "Grimm's Fairytales" ... do you have any idea how many there are to choose from?!? Tons! I still haven't figured out which character I wan't to do, but figured I better get cracking on making an attempt, so I started by playing around with some aluminum wire I had on hand. I formeded some legs, arms & trunk:

and then started wraping (think hemp necklace knots) the legs in black and red embroidery floss:

here's a detail:

I haven't got a clue where this is going or what I'm doing next, but hey, at least there's something sitting on the table. :)

This one:

is the beginning of a sort of thank you project for a girlfriend. I know where this one (the gessoed cigar box) is going, but shhhh! it's a secret!

Finally, I have been trying to figure out what to make for my Peace Felt project. I think I might be onto something ... started with an aluminum "frame":

I thought I would wet felt an already too small black cashmere sweater, cut it to shape & sort of loosely whip stitch it to the frame ... then I was thinking I could cut a peace symbol out of the felted piece and "stitch" little Swarovki crystals into the open space ... I haven't got a clue if it'll actually work, but hey, I figure it's worth a try.

wish me luck ... lots and lots of luck!


priti.lisa said...

Good Luck Girlfriend!!!
I think all of your ideas are intriguing...wish there were more hours in a day, right?
I have always loved Little Red Ridinghood. But she isn't Grimm.
Anderson's tales were kinda the same.

grrl + dog said...

maybe you need to have a few projects on the boil.

then you can potter between them, and leave some to "cook"for a while.

heather noye said...

You've got a lot going on!!! Must be in the air. lol Beautiful stuff. can't wait to see all the finished products.

Christine said...

Hey sometimes not knowing what you are doing is the best thing! Look forward to seeing what you make for the challenge :)

Danielle said...

Always an inspiration, looking forward to seeing how everything on your plate evolves. I'm sure they will all be wonderful.

Parabolic Muse said...

It's always important to keep several projects going, so that you can move from one to the other as you feel the urge. That's my philosophy!

I love it that you're working in fibers. I'm just starting to sew with my new machine, but I feel like such a beginner.

That aqua... yum.

MarZel said...

I cannot wait to see it finished... it really looks good so far!

MarZel said...

I cannot wait to see it finished... it really looks good so far!

Angela said...

Wooo a peace symbol!!! Looks great!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!! *HUGS*

somepinkflowers said...

just checking on you...


wondered if you finished your Sketchbook
and mailed it in...

{{ mine went in the mail
yesterday }}

i am here--->

please Friend Request me
if you are on the site
i would love to see
what you have done!

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Michelle said...

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