Monday, April 8, 2013

to Etsy or not to Etsy ... that is my question

I flounder and flip flop and just can't seem to decide, so I am starting here.  I've been making stuff for a long time.  Some of it is really lame (but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to work on or didn't serve a purpose other than to take up some of my time), some has been alright with a generally soft to moderate appeal, but then there are those moments when all the stars align and I get it right ... the skies open and the angels sing kind of right.  I love those moments.  LOVE them.  

Lately, I have been playing with wire ... and rocks - beach pebbles, tumbled, semi precious.  I'm really liking it and have been getting really great feedback on the pieces, so that little voice has been whispering - "open and Etsy store ... you know you wanna".  The voice is right.  Sort of.  I do want to ... and then I think of ALL the reasons that I shouldn't and can't ... and it makes my brain hurt.

Here are some of my latest pieces:

Silver craft wire pod w/amethyst, hematite, rose quartz & quartz

A cool resin "cabochon" wrapped in silver craft wire

another silver craft wire pod - this one has a little TLC - turquoise, lapiz and crystal

A friend had the tourmaline piece, I just wrapped it for her so she could wear it

this amulet is from copper wire w/drawn beads - it's stones are protective in their properties

I don't know if it's the angle of the shot or if this pod actually has a bulbous part, but it's silver craft wire w/drawn beads (the little bulbs at the end of the wires).  This one has abalone, amethyst, garnet, lapiz, quartz and rose quartz

OK, now that I've shared my latest efforts, don't forget that I like to play with yarn, seed beads, and a bunch of other random bits-n-pieces ... so, here are my questions:

What are your personal thoughts on Etsy in general?

Do you think a shop needs to maintain a single medium? 

Or is it ok for a seller to offer a variety of items?

Honest answers most appreciated ... please & thank you.


rochambeau said...

Dear 3rd Eye,
Your work is stunning. Go for it!!


3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you, Constance ... you've made my heart smile

dkuroiwa said...

i love your pieces and would be proud to "lead others to you" who like similar stuff.
my thoughts on Etsy? what the heck? give it a shot. you don't have to sign on for a long time, do you? sign up for just a few months ansd see how it goes.....i think you'll be a success!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you, Debbie ... I don't believe there is a charge for having the "store front", just a percent of the sale ... I get butterflies the size of bats when I think about it too much ...

jinxxxygirl said...

You are not alone in milling around the idea of an Etsy store...Its the whole business license and paying taxes and such that has me worried...Why can't anything just be simple??lol Sole proprietorship or LLC? Makes my head spin. I just wanna sell myself and its hard to wrap my head around all this other stuff when i don't even know if i will sell

I think Etsy is like 40cents to lists something for sale and they take 3.5% when it sells.....and your right thats not bad considering.....You have lovely stuff . Maybe we should both just close our eyes and jump in feet first??? Hugs! deb

Pat Walker said...

I know that I am only your mother in law and I love you and think all of your work is wonderful,so my comments really don't carry any weight. But I am gonna say it anyway. That is fantastic, please open a store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love yam Mamacita

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks, Deb ... some of my best decisions were made with my eyes closed. :)

and Mamacita, your comments carry a lot more weight than you realize. <3

Kate Tracton said...

I've been at Etsy for a few years and find it's a good venue. The fees are low, and you can design your shop to suit you to a small extent. However, you need to network like CRAZY to get seen. Facebook, twitter, your friends, everywhere. If you can do that, great. Go for it!

{{{ hugs }}}

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks, Kate ... I wish I could stop acting like a fish out of water :)

naomi said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.