Thursday, August 28, 2008

Babies ... so Charming

Can't help it ... sometimes I think I'm so clever (humor me and nobody gets hurt) ... last night there was an amazing sunset. I thought I'd try to get some photo's when this little guy decided to steal the show:

With all the rain we've been having the frog mama's and the papa's have been behaving like bunnies - there are nearly a gazillion baby frogs around (most of them pretty good at hiding) ... this brave little one posed for the paparazzi. Unfortunately, I forget how humid it would be outside, so the first few shots are foggy with lens condensation ... ah well, at least this shot is a keeper. The sunset shots ... not so much.

In other news, Amber Dawn is hosting another Black & White Charm Exchange ... I was slow getting started. The first submission was weak in the creative sense, but I still think it ended up cute (but not original quality enough for the actual swap). Check it out (the photo is larger than actual size):

The ring is the small end of a closure. If you remember the charms that I did for the Think Pink Exchange, you'll recognize the inspiration ... this one is a tad boring in comparison. :)

Next I broke out one of my tiny crochet hooks (7/1.65mm) and some black #10 cotton thread and came up with (again, photo is larger than actual size):

It's sweet ... but still didn't rock my world. AD had some concerns about it possibly snagging and the durability ... I'm not so concerned about that (plus I was thinking that I could dip it in the setting agent that I used on the paper cranes and could actually shape it and be certain that it could stand up to some serious wear). I think I would like the nest idea better if I used a natural colored cotton thread with some metallic thread laced through it here and there ... not an option in a black and white challenge, eh.

Back to the drawing board ... tonight I have been playing around with another design. Materials: shrunk down Michelle originals (thanks for the suggestion AD), decorative clear glass beads (the round ones with one side flat), Sculpy and paint ... I think I might be on the right track ... I'll share photo's when good light and I are on the same schedule. If you are interested in participating in the swap, visit Amber Dawns Black and White Charm Exchange post and leave a comment to let her know that you are interested.

Hope all is well with you and yours ...

8/31 update:
I have been playing around with the glass/sculpy pieces and haven't quite got something I like. I haven't completely thrown in the towel as there are a couple of tricks up my sleeve ... will post when I'm a little happier with the outcome. In the meantime, I have been thinking knots ... I did a search for macrame owls and found a couple instruction sheets that look promising. Since I need a break from the other ones, I plan on giving it a shot tonight after dinner - fingers crossed!


Sandy Michelle said...

Eeeek how cute is that frog!! Wish I had time to join more swaps and exchanges!


Oliver Rain said...

I love the nest idea. You should make it up anyway. Happy creating. The little frog is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

ah! Is that how you get them so small? Tiny crochet hooks..well, that s amazing. Know the feeling of having a creation no blow your skirt up. We set such high standards for ourselves.

Scrappy Jessi said...

eeeekkkk how flippin cute is that little froggy. darling.
your charms are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

We adore frogs around here - especially handsome little tree frogs! =)

I love your crocheted charm and I think you should definitely play with that idea!

Hey - we must be on the same wave length...I'm using glass and sculpty clay and original DP art to make something, too! Weeee! I can't wait to see yours!

How's homeschool planning going? I had no idea you homeschooled and it is so cool to run into a "kindred spirit"!

And...thanks for hanging out at my blog and leaving me comments even though I have been tied up with other things! I've missed visiting you!

Sabii Wabii said...

hey there...your comments cracked me up! I did the pink artist exchange may need to sign up for the black and white!

e.beck.artist said...

i think the nesty one is fab ... and would be more fab in natural nestiness colors!

MJ said...

I like the cranes! Fun! Glad that you waited a bit for daylight so that we would have a better view of them!

You are quite the photographer to convince a baby frog to stay so still. We don't have many frogs in these parts; lots of grasshoppers though!

3rdEyeMuse said...

leave it to the community love to get my juices running! I have been working on the glass/scuply pieces and haven't quite gotten them to a satisfying point ... been thinking knots - I love macrame (with embroidery floss as most hemp threads I have met have been scritchy - ew) ... me thinks owls! I found some instructions and plan on giving it a go shortly. :)

rochambeau said...

Hello to you Third Eye!
I Like the Black and white crocheted charm!!!It is unique and lovely.
Well I like your little Froggy!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Cat said...

Cute cute cute little frogie! We have a giant toad that hides out in our front flower gardens... and sometime it hops right out of some sci-fi movie onto the walkway and scares the be-je-bees out of me.

Have fun experimenting with knots!

Shonna said...

Cute froggy!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments.

KathrynAntyr said...

Thanks for sharing your process. I don't have your talent for working with charms and jewelry. Most of my work is in the 2D realm. I look forward to where you go with this challenge. I'll be watching! xxoo k

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

ooooooooooh I ought to!!!!! No, not the b&w charm swap, I'm talking about what I should DO TO THE folks at my apartment complex!!!

Your sweetness, hear me out.

I just got home from TX, a most LOVEABLE trip, fun fun fuuuuun times! I came home to a package MARKED June 9 from YOU!!!

Are you kidding me? Where has it been all this time? Who's hands are responsible for holding back the treaures from arriving at MY DOOR these months?

Oh boy, I'm so very embarrassed to say that SOMEONE dropped the ball here...

PLEASE know I had NO idea you had mailed me somehting for my birthday 3 months ago. Unbelievable. I want you to know I am very grateful for you having taken the time to send me a surprise. I looooved that you thought of me! If I had known I would have harrassed the PO daily until it arrived, but let me just add here that it REALLY was, most CERTAINLY a surprise when your pkg showed up over the weekend.

(wrapping my arms around you for a BIG bear hug)

You are the BEST!

Thank you.

xo, Monica :)

Anonymous said...

I use to have a little frog named jellybelly..I miss him so:)
I think your crocheted piece is lovely and I like the fact you're mixing materials (so outside the box)!! The problem with visiting all of these creative blogs is that you guys make me want to stop what I'm doing and take up yet another creative activity!
~Christine ;)

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