Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mad Hatter Made My Day

And to tell you the truth, he couldn't have picked a better day to show up. It's been a hard and sad past few days ... I've been feeling a little drained; raw, really ... and my ISP is having some serious server problems and is holding all my incoming and outgoing emails hostage until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest ...

at one of my darkest moments there's a knock at the door and the Mad Hatter is right there:

wrapped in its own brilliantly colorful festiveness

... and I smiled my first real smile in days ... and that was before I opened the package to find:

a party happening inside!

... Remember Vanessa's most excellent Mad Hatter Tea Party? ...

Well, somehow the luck fairies were on my side ... I was drawn as the winner over at

(check out her contribution to the party
HERE - I promise you are in for a treat)
Take a closer look ... that looks like more than a tea cup, tea and cookies ... hmmm

Oh my! This is the gift that most loverly Crabapple had offered:

Isn't the tea cup simple precious?!? This is my very first pretty little tea cup - and with a saucer, too. The pattern is so sweet - pretty little roses, a bit of gold trim and a beautiful soft blue kissed edging ... so very lovely. I will definitely feel like a princess when I'm sipping my tea from this perfect little piece ... and I will forever be reminded of the woman that gifted it to me.

It would have been enough all on its own, but lets not forget the tea - tea posies, infact! When brewed the posies bloom into lovely little flowers (my husband and I agreed that we'll be saving this for a special moment to share ... let's hope it's sooner than later ... and that I have my camera at the ready to share what an incredible site it makes) and cookies! Melt-in-your-mouth buttery black and white shortbread-like dreamy little bits of decadence (uh, can you tell we didn't save them for that special moment mentioned above?) ... and there you have it, right?


She also included a tin of Jasmine Hard Candies from France (which I had never had the pleasure of trying before, but will certainly be keeping my eyes open for ...) check out the sweet tin they come in:

but wait! There's even more! Five little beauties to be used in ART (perhaps while I'm drinking some lovely TEA and simply enjoying my LIFE) and a white uni-ball Signo pen (little does she know that I have been dreaming of the day that I break down and buy one for myself ... because if you know me, then you know in reality I wouldn't buy just one which requires the saving of a few pennies for a day of shopping for "tools"). Imagine my delight!

Bet you thought that was it, didn't you? It's already too much ... and yet ... there is one more:

Do you see it at the bottom center of this picture?

Here's a close up (notice the Jasmine Hard Candy tin, too):

Not quite close enough? Here, try this:

or this:

Could they be any more adorable? AND they are the same blue as the blue that kisses the edges of the tea cup and saucer.
This was SO much more than I ever could have expected ... with each little treasure I discovered I felt myself pause and appreciate the generous heart of the woman that took the time to assemble such a kind offering. She had no idea where my head (and heart) would be when I received the package and couldn't have possibly known the impact her thoughtfulness would have. She helped me remember that even in our darkest hours there is ALWAYS a ray of light that will shine on us, warm our hearts and remind us to live and to love ...

... S, this is one instance when being late was actually perfect timing. My heart will forever hold a spot especially for you.

Thank you.


Clevelandgirlie said...

You lucky, lucky, lucky gal! What a deliciousl surprise. And you MUST know -- that tea tastes oooooooh so much more dellightful when served in a beautiful cup. Enjoy Michelle! So happy it made you S M I L E :)

One Crabapple said...

oh shoot. I am crying.


Wow! I want one of those Good Luck Fairies! Congratulations!


Janet said...

Wow! What a wonderful package of goodies....and to receive it just at the time when you needed it most. I think ART TEA LIFE is one of the best blogs around and this shows that her heart is huge.

Enjoy all your presents. They're fantastic!

Erin Glee said...

I'm so glad YOU won! Your sweet story was better than winning any RAK!

Kate said...

Wow! What a great surprise, full of all sorts of little treasures. Lucky, lucky YOU!


Sorry I haven't been around since Vanessa's party - life got a little nutty, but I'm back now.


3rdEyeMuse said...

who knew crabapples had tears!

thanks so much, everyone, for all your cheers. :) life does have it's gifts - often in the form of kindness in others - doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely package - and it sounds like you truly needed it! I hope you are feeling better - and here's a (((hug))) for you!

My dh bought me some of those flowering teas - they are beautiful to watch and the teas taste wonderful, too. Don't wait too long to make a "special occasion" to have a cup.

Take care! Donna

rochambeau said...

Dear Third Eye,
Just at the appointed hour, you could not have received a more perfect gift!! I know since Ms. Crabapple has sent me a few boxes filled with ONLY THE BEST!! She is a Class Act!! Just heard from her. She is ok after the earthquake!


KathrynAntyr said...

It was meant for you my dear. I'm so happy that you were showered with a surprise gift. How lovely! Keep smiling and remember that you bring much happiness to many of us throughout blogland and we love you for it.

One Crabapple said...

oh thank you for the note and nutZ on the server issue. I hate computer woe because it is never a quick fix is it ??? makes your hair fall out.

I am fine ! that was so sweet of You.

Everyone is fine ! It was a ROCKER but no damage, no injuries. UNBELIEVABLE ! How Fantastic. I was soooo sure it was going to be bad wherever it was centered....Such good news and still in disbelief that there was nothing really for them to report.

We have not had one in a long time. This was sure weird to have after all that time and kind of forgetting how it is ....its scarey because at first you think - oh a little quake but when it keeps going you wonder IS THIS IT ?

My poor kitties. I put them on the nip (catnip) and everyone is sleeping fine now.


ps. This post is so beautiful. All this attention to the details and ... well I didnt know it would make MY DAY so much - I almost feel selfish .

Thank you for sharing your moment of receiving it. It was fun to almost feel I was there.

sorry to write a NOVELETTE on your bloggity blog. I know you can get your mail right now so I tried this.

omg...I just saw what Janet wrote. She always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

wow, congratulations. I drooled with envy over that tea party ..I soooo wanted to join. Then drooled some more over the prize, hell no, just the wrapping is worth it. Well done,grrl! said...

OH My gooodnes gracious, over the planet and back!!!!!! A TREAT of all treatsssssss!!! I am jealous, in a good way!! ;) ;) HOW FUN!! xoxo

Sandy Michelle said...

Lucky you! Those are some wonderful goodies!


cindy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, you lucky duck! A party in a package is the perfect way to say it too! What a wonderful thing. I have long since admired her blog and all the wonderfulness she does. Enjoy it all girly, you deserve it.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OH that certainly should have lifted your spirits missy! What a bag o' loot! I hope the days are smiling on you and that JOY has leaped back into your face! :) xo, Monica

Cat said...

Ah yes - that's an occasion to make you smile!!! I like the way you described opening the box to find a party!

:) Cat

Designs by CK said...

Hi ya Michelle ~ Hope you are having a good week. :)

PS: Thanks 4 stopping by and the compliment on my new piece!


e. beck said...

m ... sorry you were sad.... happy you had a bright spot .... go paint'll fix any day .... e

One Crabapple said...

I just had to come again and see.

Its fun to see it all there with you after it was here with me.

I dont know if that makes sense...but it tickles me.

xxo-Hope today was better too.

Marilyn said...

Sweet M., I hope things are picking up for you. The low times can sure feel lonely--how wonderful that beautiful package arrived just when you needed it:)
Sending you some hugs, Marilyn

mermaid musings said...

I hope you are feeling much better, it is hard to imagine you sad, for some reason or because the way you write, you seem to be smiling to me when you write your post, well, I really hope you are doing better and the joy that makes you is back, specially I am hoping you are creating something new to surprise us soon, real soon.
heyy! how lucky you are friends with all of these lovelies, I admire all of these women here leaving you comments, in my world they rock! and so do you!!!
hugs ;-)

eb said...

isn't she the best? - yummy treasure loot - lucky you...

xox - eb.

dkuroiwa said...

What an extra special treat on an otherwise crappy sounding kind of day! That seems like about 3 weeks worth of fun all wrapped up in that beautiful package!
You lucky dog you!!

MJ said...

Lucky you! What a lovely surprise to receive and to brighten your day too!

wahm922 said...

Wow what a great treasure! Not only do you make me smile with your creations and photos but you can write well too. I couldn't wait to scroll down and see what was next.

I hope you are feeling better, seems so many are feeling down these days. Hugs!

MARLOU B. said...

Lucky you :)
Lovely package !!

Mary S Hunt said...

how AWESOME it that!!!!
sent me chill bumps for some reason reading the exchange
so again how awesome!