Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Eternal Blanket ... or one big project ... and a question

Woohooo! It's finally finished ... well ... almost. Above are pictures (feel free to click on the images for larger pictures) of the longest running crochet project in my personal crochet history. I started it back in March of 2000 or 2001 with the ambitous thoughts of having it done for my husbands November birthday of the same year ... that turned into an on again-off again frenzy of square making. The blanket is made up of 225 six in squares in three shades of blue plus a one inch boarder making it just over 7 feet square - perfect or a king sized bed. :) It's all together, but I do have one last step ... the spouse wants me to attach a sheet to one side (so we have a smooth surface as well as the nubly crochet surface). I like the idea - especially since this means that I don't have to work every one of the loose threads back through it. Here's my question ... how does one attach a sheet to a crocheted blanket? I am hopeful that someone out in blog land can offer some suggestions.


Beth Leintz said...

WOW!!! Good for you for finishing it- I have similiar projects that gone on for years and years- but eventually I usually finish them.

As to adding the sheet, could add a crochet edge to the the sheet and then chain that to the blanket- but that might take forever, too. I think I'd just sew with nice even stitches.

3rdEyeMuse said...

ooh! I never thought of crocheting an edge to a sheet! I can't imagine that it takes any longer than crocheting a border around the blanket - thanks for the suggestion. :)