Sunday, May 3, 2009

... and the winners are ...

Sorry to keep you all waiting ... the winners from my:

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giveaway are:

Janet from Fond of Snape
(click above to be directed to her blog)


Sue from Barton Originals

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As for this one:

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... I have to plead for forgiveness ... I just realized that I had never done the drawing ... bad me ... hopefully

Michelle from the Studio @ Crow Haven Farm
(click above to be directed to her blog)

will find it in her huge heart to forgive me as it was HER name the was drawn.


Sue said...

I am SO thrilled! Thank you so much...and give Sadie a hug from me!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

OMG...I can't believe I actually WON! I can't tell you how excited, thrilled, doing the Happy Dance, I'm blasting ABBA, "Dancing Queen"...can you see me Dancing...whooohooooo LOL Thank you so much Michelle... I am very GLAD YOU DREW MY NAME! eeeeekkkkk I don't know what to do with myself...oh....keep DANCING! WHOOOHOOOOO
CHeers my friend!

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Ohhh lucky, lucky them!!

Thanks for my praying mantis friend. This one I can actually keep....I miss my pet one. He was so cool!


Janet said...

I am so psyched!!! Thank you to Sadie and to you :-) Cranes!!! I can't wait!

Karla Rosendall said...

Rats! I missed it. :-)

grrl+dog said...

well I guess I can exhale now.. was beginning to go slightly blue but no matter...the excitement of a give away drwaw is so worth it.

dkuroiwa said...

gosh...i'm so jealous...but that's okay...i i'm thinking that janet will do something vrrrry cool with the cranes on her blog...that'll be fun!!
you're so cool to make such fun stuff!!

Stephanie said...

oh lucky lucky folks here!!

You are generous indeed...


shiborigirl said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!


Christine said...

Lucky ducks!hehe..hope all is going great!

Pursuing Art... said...

Congratulations to Janet, Sue and Michelle! *LUCKY* *LUCKY* girls!!!

Happy May 6th Michelle!!! ;-)

Chris said...

Having giveaways means never having to say you're sorry!

Lea said...

Congratulations to your winners! And you are not a "bad you"!!!! You are a "busy you"!!!! XO