Friday, May 22, 2009

Project, Prizes & PIF's

Nothing like biting off a little more than I can chew ... I recently saw THIS post at Crafting with Cat Hair ... and somehow I am determined to make at least one doll to contribute. In a nutshell, Craft Hope is currently taking donations of handmade dolls for the children of Casa Bernabe, an orphanage in Nicaragua & the deadline is June 13th. Click the image above for the whole scoop.


It often pays to follow the rules ... case in point, Saucy from Saucy's Sprinkles (found HERE) offered up a few pairs of cupcake earrings for getting the word out about her Jonas Brothers concert giveaway ... I was game & a lucky recipient of these ADORABLE made-by-Saucy cupcake earrings:

too sweet, eh?!? If you happen to be a Jonas Brothers fan (or know one) there is still time to enter the giveaway ... just go HERE for all the details.


And remember Amber Dawn's International Charm Day? If not, go HERE. She had some wonderful giveaways including a signed copy of this:

The first round winner never claimed the prize, so there was a second drawing ... and I was drawn!! The book just arrived yesterday and I have to tell you it is chock full of goodness. I stayed up way too late last night ooohing and ahhing over it. I can't wait to try my hand at some of the projects.


Plus, Lorraine from Love of Collage posted a mini charm swap (HERE) in honor of International Charm Day & I jumped at the chance. Lorraine sent these little beauties:

In exchange for a couple of my dipped crane charms ... my package just left the states this past Monday, so I am hoping that she'll receive them before the end of the month.


As if that isn't enough, I have signed on for two Pay it Forwards ... the first with Bairbre Aine of Don't Interrupt Me When I'm Talking to Myself and more recently with K of Urban Craft

Now it's my turn to pay it forward.

Here is how it works . . . I will make a handmade gift for the first 6 interested people who comment on this post (because I signed up for two PIF's). I'm not exactly sure what the handmade gift will be, but if there's something that you'd really like me to make for you, just let me know and I will at least consider giving it a whirl. Also, please note that I am giving myself three months to complete the task. The only catch is that you must be willing to continue the challenge by sending a handmade gift to 3 people. That's it. If you would like to participate, please be sure I have some way to contact you to get your mailing address.


I'm So Pretty said...

Wow! This is very cool - I'd love to participate!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Okay, so I'm not the only insane person in BlogLand that is involved with a ton of things...LOL IS'T IT GREAT...Being CRAZY...WHOOOHOOOO I would have it no other way Girl! Love the cupcake earings...They look good enough to eat...yummy sugar! hehehe Just what I need...The Doll Donation looks really cool...thanks for posting and I'll have to check this out. Have a beautiful weekend and CREATE ART...WHOOOHOOOO
Love Ya

Sue said...

Wow...what very cool goodies you received! Yaaaay you!!!

The PIF is a fabulous idea, but unfortuately, I can't commit at this time.

Keep us posted though, I love to live vicariously! LOL

Lorraine said...

you lucky thing getting that book..thanks very much as your beautiful origami charms and muse doll arrived today..I have blogged about them. I cant commit to this challenge as its half term and I will busy with the kids for the next 2 weeks!!

mandapanda said...

Good on your for contributing to Craft Hope! We have a heap of charities here in Aus where you can make things and they get sent off to 3rd World countries for those who need them, ADRA is my favourite charity, as they do SO much! Make sure you show us what you send! Those cupcake earrings are too cute! Makes me want to grab out my clay and have a go! The book looks fantastic!! Lucky you!! And with the above comment, it looks as though Lorraine received her charms!!

Anonymous said...


I NEVER win that's a bad affiramtion..

Hang on..





whenever''''the..universe.. deems it..

ching ching little brass bells...
anyway, what I wanted to say was that you deserve all that swag and more for the words you put out on all the good swaps and give aways..

so good for you! said...

oh my goodness, so much to do in so little time. Just thought I would pop in and say hello !

Melissa Haren said...

If you are still looking for pay it forward "partners" I would love to participate! I would have responded sooner, but I somehow missed the post!

Marilyn said...

I'm so glad that you won that book--it looks fantastic!
Fun earrings too...and those charms--what a great swap!

Chris said...

wow. well, you deserve it all.

Pursuing Art... said...

Those cupcake earrings are careful when wearing...DH may try to lick the icing right by your ear! LOL! SORRY, couldn't help myself! ;-)

Lucky you for receiving that looks awesome and the charms you received are wonderful.

Oh, man...I would love to do a doll and PIF, it's hard visiting! You share so many fun things that I would love to do! I *hate* having to say no, but I have to stick to my guns until I'm done with Dot and Grace! Don't quit sharing all these fun projects and are the best! ~Lisa

phd in yogurtry said...

those cupcake earrings are yummy!

rosie said...

I must learn how to make charms! I am dying to make some Twilight ones... very cool blog you have. I love your posts!! :)

Chok Keun said...

Wow, the books seems to be full of great ideas!

Do I still stand a chance to enter to this? Just enter to your blog by chance through blog hopping so I'm sort of late...