Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tribute ... an Amazing Gift

Every year my mother-in-law asks me for a birthday wish list ... this year she didn't, but I sent her one anyway (as she has me trained soooo well) ... the list included:

Roughcast #4 by Seth Apter of the Altered Page (found HERE)

an older EB created by Michelle Schafer from the Studio at Crow Haven Farm (I checked Etsy and that particular EB is no longer listed, but you can find Michelle's blog HERE)

one of Denise's Spirit Dolls (found HERE ... or you can visit her blog HERE)

THIS piece

and a few other random bits and pieces ...

What I didn't know is that she had been paying attention when the Shrine Auction was happening ... yesterday when she came to pick us up for my birthday dinner at Amimoto (seriously exceptional sushi), she delivered my prezzie:


by Marilyn Radzat

My photo (above) does not do this piece justice. It is exquisite ... you can visit her "reveal" post HERE

The detail photo is from THIS post. The sheer amount of detail in this piece is mind boggling & I'm still a bit stunned that this amazing creation is right here ... in my home. This begs the question ... how, exactly, do I thank my mom-in-law for this one?!?


Anonymous said...

wow! This is absolutely beautiful!
I can't wait to see it up close.:)
what a special gift for such a special person!

Pattee said...

I know I know you are so lucky to have one of Marilyn's Shrines....

I was lucky enough to take the very first retreat she and Gail Lackey put on in Hawaii... OMG is she talented!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

HOLY CROW...What a suprise you received and to have Marylin's amazing is that...That will totally make your week! It's just absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us Michelle, and make sure you put that in a place for it to shine! Just absolutely gorgeous! You lucky girl you!!!!! LOL

Snowbrush said...

Wow, I can see what you mean about the detail. It's a bit of an altar just in itself.

rebecca said...

you can imagine how you have just brightened my moment!
i am so happy for you...
thanks for sharing.

Seth said...

What a spectacular gift!! Your mother-in-law sure knows how to pick em! And thank you for putting one of my pieces on your wish list!

lynne h said...

what an exquisite gift your mother-in-law has given you! as for the question of how to thank her for it, i imagine that just being your beautiful self is all the thanks she could ever want.

happy birthday, michelle...


LaY hOoN said...

Whoa!! THis is definitely SUper gorgeous gift i ever seen.

Happy Birthday :)

purplepaint said...

Oh how cool is this?!!!! Happy belated birthday! Marva

Sandy Michelle said...

That shrine is amazing! Happy belated birthday Michelle!

Sandy xox

Stephanie said...

OK, your mother in law bid on the this amazing shrine and gave it to you for your birthday???

That's just the best...

Happy Birthday to you!


Janet said...

That's a great idea!!! I'm not sure how best to thank your MIL other than to enjoy her as much as you seem to :-)

Cat said...

I can see you are loved!

Happy Birthday!

cindy said...

Wow, it's just gorgeous! And yep, you are blessed indeedie my dear! :D IDK, you'll think of something to repay her back in kind I'm sure.

And Happy Bday!!!!! :D

yapping cat

Margaret Ann said...

What goes around comes around...the love you give out has returned to you...simply smile and and know deep inside you are loved...What a story! :)

Sue said...

Oh...I love your MIL!!! I had my eye on Marilyn's shrine and was so tempted to bid on it. Michelle, this is such a wonderful gift......for a wonderful person.

Happy Birthday wishes to you!


shiborigirl said...

Wowowow! What a great MIL! How nice that she knows what you like. Congratulations.

As for how to thank her? Maybe one of your pocket shrines with a lovely note?



Chris said...

Wow. You have good taste! I couldn't see all the links, though.
WHAT a gift!
You say, thank you, that's what you do! And you talk about your mother-in-law here and show us what great taste she has, too!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Denise said...

how amazingly beautiful! you must not be able to take your eyes off of it. WOW! what a great MIL you have! how awesome! absolutely stunning artwork!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Michelle...sounds like and looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

The shrine is are a very *LUCKY* girl and have one VERY SPECIAL MIL to surprise you with such a treasure!

You give her a big hug and say thank you from your heart and know that you are loved! Maybe you could make her something special that she would just love for her birthday or just because.

Hope you are having a good day!

~Lisa ;-)

Sabii Wabii said...

Are you kidding me? You now own this! Wow. I drool over Marilyns art. It is so unique and amazing. You have no idea how much I wanted to "accidently" leave her piece in my living room for the RED art project!
This shrine is beautiful. What a great artists who gives back, just like you!

Lea said...

Happy Birth Day wishes to you Michelle!!! I am so excited that your mother-in-law bid on this piece for you!!! She knows you well, and that in itself is a gift to have in a mother-in-law!

Marilyn is one special lady and her energy goes into everything she makes... and I can think of no better home for this amazing piece, than with you!

May this new year be full of love, inspiration, and joy Michelle!

From one Gemini to another!!!! XO (us twins have a special bond you know!!!)

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

WOOOOW! That's a fine MIL you have there! Happy Birthday to you! ;)


Marilyn said...

Exquisite, yes! Wow! And what a wonderful mother in law--so loving, so thoughtful:)