Thursday, February 21, 2008

4X4 Friday - Doorways

4X4 Friday - "Doorways"



I really love the idea of 4X4 Friday - brilliant, really. What a great way to keep the inspiration bank full. :) I'm really going to try to participate in as many 4X4 Friday themes as I can make myself do. It should be noted that I am great at starting things ... I tend to lack the follow through / stick-to-it gene ... I'm hoping to cultivate it, though.

This is my submission to the 4X4 Friday challenge (my first ever). The theme for February 15th was "doorways". Love, love love this theme!

Originally I had pictured a three dimensional doorway (similar to the doorway of a bedroom) with a beaded curtain ... that whole funky 60's-ish beaded curtain vibe. When you pull the curtain aside, it would reveal a girl riding a goldfish in the sky. I found the perfect goldfish, but not the perfect girl (and didn't feel comfortable creating her from scratch ... this time, at least) & my doorway looked a little pathetic. Scrap that attempt. Then I did this whole door opening to another door to another ... (we're talking 11 of the same door - I know, I know ... how original - doh!), so I got all of the doors attatched with good spacing etc., but then I just couldn't see where to go with it ... scrap idea #2 (I did save it; there is something cool about it, so I am hoping that I can use it at some point). What is pictured above is my third attempt. For a girl that has issues with collage in the first place, I ended up pretty pleased with the result.

I would love to hear what others think & am happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to leave feedback.

Modified 2/22 ... can you name all five artists included in this piece (ok, ok, I admit it ... one is me (the elephant on the left), but the other four are well known ... uh, and deceased ...


Kristy C said...

This is very cool!

Fiona Whitehead said...

I love them - they make me want to walk through the doors - they have a very sunny mediterranean feel to them which brings hope in the depths of winter! PS I have a cat with very similar colourings to yours!

Janet said...

Doors and windows are favorites of mine. And you did a great job with this 4x4.

Carmen said...

I am kind of maybe going to follow your links, I am very curious because all of these are fantastic!!!
hugs dear! and thank you so much for being with me on my birthday day.