Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paper airplanes, lunar eclipses and other such things

As happens every so often, I ought to be hitting the pillows, but have a brain that refuses to settle (the spouse would ask if it has anything to do with the coffee I drank tonight ... lol ... honestly, I think not). I got into a project that had been causing me serious (minor) stresses - ideas that lived better in the head than actually on paper - for some reason, this last attempt actually appeals to me. I have to wait till morning to take photo's, but in the meantime, I kind of feel like rambling ...

1) for Valentine's day I had told another homeschool mom that yes, Sadie would be bringing something to exchange with the other kids ... did I ask Sadie? uh, no. I'm pretty sure I was on auto reply (besides, I love an excuse for artsy stuff ... and hearts ... forget about it!) Anyway, slacker that I am I forgot about it till just a few days prior to V-day. When I asked Sadie what she thought, she said she didn't want to exchange anything ... she's not into pink, hearts, girly stuff at this particular junction in life ... eek. It took some creative thinking (and a lot of shot down ideas) before I came up with the perfect solution ... drumroll, please .... paper airplanes! She totally dug the idea. We made them from sheets of origami paper (satisfied my need for something on the sweet/pretty side & was cool compared to hearts, so appealed to the critter, too). It turned out that 32 kids were coming - let me tell you, you can make 32 paper airplanes in nearly no time at all ... I had to work the day of the Valentine's gathering, but from all reports, the planes were a success. It sounds like the kids actually enjoyed the "races", too. Next year, I promise to ask her before committing to doing something for happy heart day ... but I will remind her how much fun the airplanes were!

2) I have been playing around with participating in the 4x4 Friday challenge. This weeks challenge is doorways. It should be noted that (like many) I am drawn to doorways ... blue, red, coverd in vines, stone, arched, heavy wooden doorways, doorways that make you think of hidden treasures, etc., etc., etc. ... so, I thought this would be a great one to try. I told Don and Sadie about them and asked if they'd like to do a 4x4, too. Both did. Both finished theirs before mine ... and both are terrific. I struggled. Then I struggled a little more. Tonight I just started doing (without much thought) and I did get something accomplished. It's definitely a bit rough & isn't completely balanced, but as far as an novice collage project goes, it shows a little potential - gives me that little bit of hope I need to try this media again. Nice. I ought to be able to take photos of the results for all three doors sometime after work tomorrow, so will probably get them posted in the evening.

3) Tonight there was a lunar eclipse. I almost forgot about it, but Sadie reminded me to wake her up when it happens. I would have forgotten all about it if Don hadn't had to run up to the store & noticed it. All the clouds (it was really overcast earlier this evening) had gone away and the sky was clear. Don broke out the binoculars and one scope. We all got to watch the lunar eclipse ... ok, so I didn't stay for the whole thing, but it was pretty cool just the same. I am amazed at the difference just a simple pair of binoculars can make - the moon actually looked 3 dimensional and not like a flat round disk ... makes me want to go up to Edison's observatory - I've heard that it's pretty phenomenal.

A little brain draining and I'm actually feeling sleepy ... time to seek out those pillows.

Sweet dreams! ~M~

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LINDSAY said...

The eclipse was neato wasn't it? Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. :)