Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pink Artists Community Doll Project - 4 Squares

OK, all four of the above bases are single stich crocheted in 100% cotton thread using an aluminium #7 (1.65MM) crochet hook.

#1 (top left) has a maroon background. The wooden bead at the top is one that has been in my care for longer than I have been married (over 10 years now) and I am thrilled that it has finally found a home. The stone in the center is one that I found at Stump Pass State Park (a beach park located in Englewood, FL - about 45 minutes from my driveway). I love rocks; Stump Pass always has a terrific selection of pretty rocks for the picking - and sharks teeth, too. The four small wooden beads came from a necklace that I disassembled quite a while ago. I really like how the wood-fiber-stone all meld together. I should admit that this one was the least favorite of my critter.

#2 (top right) The dark blue stitched border is just backstiched embroidery floss. The two "danglers" were earrings that lost their mates ... I'm glad as I like them better together. The crystals at the top left are Austrian (Swarovsky) - I have a real thing for sparkly crystals and it's all my Omi's fault (and I love her for it). The elephant bead was the first that I used and the rest came out of that one. Weird, eh? I added the little wooden beads next to the elephant for the odd little pop of color.

#3 (bottom left) the pink background is in honor of the cause. In the very center is a light blue Swarovsky crystal butterfly. It's surrounded by bright pink Swarovsky bicone heart & the border is made up of flat square garnets and metal spacers.

#4 (bottom right) This is the one my daughter designed, started to assemble and asked me to finish. :) It's all good - she gets an "E" for effort and my adoration for being interested in the first place. The center piece has an antique bronze finish. The bead in the center is this neat pink glass bead that has a "mooney" opaqueness to it. At the four corners are little silver bells.
All that's left is wrapping them and shipping them off to their final destination.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

You shine girl! I'm absewlutely thrilled to have you join in. Your squares are wonderful & original. I LOVE that these lil works of art reflect YOU as an artist too. I'm putting up a link to these beauties, I'll let you know when these arrived. Thanks so much for your generous contribution! xo, Monica

Don said...

great job, love the squares, especially the top one. Keep on workin'

3rdEyeMuse said...

Shucks, Monica, you sure know how to make a girl blush. Thanks for your lovely words. It's most definitely my pleasure to participate in such an inpiring, fun & worthy project.

xx's ~M~

3rdEyeMuse said...

hey, Don - a million years from now and I'll still love you more. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

10,000 xx's ~M~

Lisa said...

Hello! I was searching for beaders and found our blog. I see that you just started out on this blog journey this week and I did too. I just wanted to say it looks good,you have done a great job. My parents are near Punta Gorda for the winter so I wanted to mention if you are a beader, you must love the bead store in port charlotte. I had the privilege of visiting them last year at this time. It was great. Anyway, good job on your site.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I'm standing with open arms, anxiously awaiting the arrival... maybe I'l put down a red carpet? your beauties deserve the Queen's royal treatment (Queen, that'd be YOU). I'll note you when they show but you most likely will hear me scream with happiness. LOVE, Monica :)

Happy LOVE day!