Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beaded God's Eye

Last night I worked on the beaded God's Eye for the spouses challenge. I'd hate to admit how much time I actually put into this - way longer than I should have - but ultimately, I think it was worth it. I used 11/0 glass seed beads on super strong thread ... check out the results:

The first image is of the front and the second is the back.

I would like to revisit this idea in the future and just might try using something like a 24 gage wire instead of thread ... we'll see.

On a side note, we're 8 days into the birthday month and wouldn't you know it ... the fam decided to surprise me with lunch today - sushi (eel) and seaweed salad - YUM! yep, I like it when I'm spoiled.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week. :)

6 comments: said...

The detail is outrageous!!! Amazing!!!

wahm922 said...

Wow, that looks great!

I would never have the patience to do that much bead work. I like beads but those tiny seed beads just slip right out of my fingers. I end up with more on the floor then anything - yikes!

I have some Jewelry mags back from 2004 that have lots of tiny bead projects in them. I'll send them home with your DH today : )

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Yowza! you're a goddess with beads... but, then I knew that!

Zip me over your addy when you have a moment... I have a lil sumthin for you. :)

xo, Monica

cindy said...

These are beautiful. I've never used the beads before and they really make it different.

Donna said...

Oh, Happy Happy Birthday MONTH! =) And I hope you have a super, duper Mother's Day, too!

The Gods Eye is beautiful - when I was a little girl my mother would sit me and my brother down at the table and we'd make oodles of God's eyes using yarn and popsicle sticks (I think...). I have happy memories of making these.

Your's is gorgeous! I can see it hanging in a window and giving off teeny, tiny sparkles. =)

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks, everyone, for such lovely and encouraging comments! I had a feeling that this was going to be one of those projects that really only spoke to me - nice to know they appeal to you, too.

wahm922 - I got the stack-o-mags ... THANKS! I can't wait to go through them. Also, have you tried a beading needle and a pile of beads in your palm? I find that I drop a lot less that way. :)

Now I'm thinking it might be fun to make some using embroidery thread and embellishing the finished threaded version ... the cogs they keep-a-spinnin. :)