Monday, May 19, 2008

It's My Party!

10 days from today I'll be 40 ... and i feel like celebrating ... by having my very own give-a-way! between now and the 29th I'll be putting together lil goodie bags ... a little of this, a little of that ... maybe one of those, too ... and then, sometime on the 29th I'll put everyone's name in a hat and will let my awesome-critter pull out a name or two (or three or four) ... hehe ... I'm excited just thinking about it! If you'd like your name in the hat, please leave a comment ... share a favorite birthday memory or gift ... share a joke ... tell a story ... or just say, "I'm in" ... feel free to let you friends know it's a party, after all, so EVERYONE is welcome!

Cheers! ~M~


Scrappy Jessi said...

Party like a rockstar!!!
ps. your panels are fabulous!!

Janet said...

A party!! I'm in. One of my favorite gifts came from my ex-husband! The year we were married he gave me a box, beautifully wrapped, containing a dime and a "T" pin. After seeing my confusion he explained that it was a dime-and-pin (diamond pin)!! I still laugh about it.

e. beck said...

yippee and happy birthday ... my dad always says that when you TURN whatever age, it means you actually are finishing that year ...when you turn 1? you just finished year 1 .... so turning 40? no big deal, you just finished your 40th year ...... it gives the years that end in nine a new twist!

wahm922 said...

Woo hoo - I love parties!

Janet said...

My two favorite birthdays of late were my 40th and my 50th. On my 40th, I threw a party at my brother's house and invited all my friends from all parts of my life. It was fun to see them interact.

On my 50th, I tortured my friends into going to Vegas with me to see Cirque du Soleil's Love, which was every bit as amazing as I'd hoped it would be :-)

Put my name in the hat, please :-)

Marilyn said...

I love a party! For my 50th, my husband suggested that people bring me 50 of something as a gift. It was great fun--nothing extravagant...50 jelly beans, 50 die cuts, 50 marbles from my sister (was she saying I lost mine?), a CD with 50 of my favorite songs, etc.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm so glad thay y'all decided to come out and play! Such GREAT company!

the "dime-and-pin" and "50 things" are both such a hoot ... I just might have to use them myself! I soooo wish I had been on the invite list to see Cirque du Soleil's Love ... I'll just have to imagine how amazing it was. :)

Barbra said...

Forty was easy and exciting in my life. Started a new chapter that hasn't ended it's wonderful page turner yet and....I'm 20 years past!
Happy Happy!

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for your birtdhday wishes to Emily and Happy soon-to- be 40th birthday to you too!

Count me in for your fabulous give-away!

My favorite Birthday memory:
My birthday is on New Years Eve and one time for my birthday my husband took me to New York to watch the apple drop!


cindy said...

Hey Cute girl! The big 4-0 huh? It is wonderful and you will love it...I have very much enjoyed being in my forties (even though I publicy confess to being forever 39!) LOL.

Put my name in that there drawing honey! LOL.


Donna said...

Happy (almost) birthday!!! Oh, I LOVE birthdays!

And I think you will LOVE your 40s! I sure do! However, my mom tells me that she loved her 50s even better...and she LOVES her I guess it will just get better and better from here on out!

MARLOU B. said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Put my name in the hat too, please!!

Janet said...

Love those cranes!!!

daydreamstudios said...

I don't have birthdays anymore...:-) But I would love to celebrate yours!

mermaid musings said...

I want to send you something for your birthday, maybe a pendant handmade and heartfelt by me ;-)
please email me with your address, please????

3rdEyeMuse said...

wow - I sure do feel pretty blessed these days. :)

the countdown is getting closer and wanted to let everyone know that we won't be drawing names until at least 10:00 pm on May 29th (I actually get to have a date with uber-spouse ... hehe)