Sunday, May 18, 2008

Project Updates

If you are here via Pam's challenge, my Little World photo's can be found here.

I completed the four panels for Karla & Beth's Vintage Workshop swap late Friday night (I know, nothing like waiting till the very last moment). Uber-honey made the trip to the post office Saturday and priority mailed it ... I'm fairly confident it'll arrive at Beth's tomorrow - my fingers are crossed! Here's how they ended up:

For a first attempt at something like this, I am pleased that I finished and (as is typical) now that I am done, I am suddenly struck by things I could have done differently and ways I could have improved the exectution. Also, after seeing some sneak previews of other offerings, I am truly humbled by the creative genious that surrounds me. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from those visits. All-in-all this has been a fun and educational experience for me. I've definitely found a little courage for trying something new.

Since this deadline loomed sooner than the Black and White Charm Exchange, my poor little ellies had to sit patiently by. This morning I dusted them off and added the silver edging:

I used model paint and am really happy with how shiny it is - if you squint (just a little) you could believe that it's chrome. Once I feel confident that the paint is dry, I'll add another coat of high gloss varnish (to both sides, of course). Once that dries I'll be rounding the home streatch - I'll get to poke the holes and add the jump rings.

It's too late to start all over, but if I were to make more like this, I would probably cut the paper to the size (and shape) of my wooden piece and would just seal the image high gloss varnish. I'd still want to paint the edge ... I can't scrap what I've done so far for two reasons ... 1) this was my first attempt at anything like this (yes, a lot of firsts these days), so I have a soft spot for them and 2) I've put a lot of time, energy, and love into them. I hope the recipients will be able to feel that in the pieces and appreciate them, too.

I just visited Amber Dawn's blog and learned that she is still looking for a few more participants. If you are interested, please go here and leave a comment.
You know you want to!

OK, so the last update for now:

There's not a lot of progress on my beaded doll, but I have been busy ... if you would like to see the previous photo updates you'll find them here and here.

Oops! One more. The uber-hub has given me an indefinite extension on his own challenge ... the beaded God's Eye is part of it, so I guess it IS in progress.


e. beck said...

yes, i squinted and saw chrome ...
i do believe that squinting is an under utilized artist's technique ... i employ it with startling regularity .... everything looks better with a squint ....

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I totally will join one of Amber's swaps in future days, but right now my own are full with home-buying and research. You guys are incredible to come in and give advice. I love it! I can feel your hugs and smiles... it's evident that you are a gorgeous women with a HUGE heart. Thank you for being YOU! I love it! ~Monica :)

Janet said...

Is that Booberry? SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you've been one busy bee!!

I agree with e on the whole squinting thing - I try to do it when nobody is looking...=)

You've done beautiful work here - are the panels fabric or paper? They are lovely! I wish I was participating in the charm swap - I'd love to get one of your little "ellies".

Marilyn said...

Your 'birds and bonnets' panels turned out great--my favorite one is the little bird with the ruby red slippers, darling!
Wow, you've done a lot of work already on your beaded doll! I've been thinking I'd like to try one and seeing your's makes me want to even more--beautiful work!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Michelle - have you checked your mail today? the real mail? the one with our panels? Well I did and guess what? I got one of yours and I just love it. It's the one with the woven yellow diamond. Love, love, love it!!! Thank you, Nancy

mermaid musings said...

you did a very good job on your project.