Thursday, May 15, 2008

My eyes nearly popped right out of my head!

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like something special is going to happen? I actually woke up this morning feeling really good - it was almost like my brain & heart had an inside track on knowing there was some happy magic in the air ... I went to work like any other Thursday, but this Thursday we had great people in the salon. There was such a good vibe & it just got better and better.

One of J's clients was a no show. This is such rare occurance where J's concerned, so she wasn't even bothered by it - plus, when I talked to the client the first thing she said was, "If I were a dog, I'd have my tail so far between my legs right now" - I'd never heard someone put it that way. It was amusing. We got her rescheduled, but J still had an hour and a half before her next client, so I got my hair cut ... not just trimmed, either, but a fun & sassy new do. How cool is that?!? So, for the rest of the afternoon I was treated to the loverly comments of the peeps that come play with us.

That sounds like the best part, right? Well, it's NOT! (Don't get me wrong, though. I love my new cut.)


Check this out ...

When I got home and checked the mail there was a little package for me from Artsy-Sistah-Goddess-Thread-Wild-Girl-Monica.


I just knew that my doll form had arrived.

You should know that I have this funny little habit of small bits of self torture -
when I get a treat or a prezzie I often make myself wait before opening it
... (I like building up the anticipation) ...
I'll take care of a few things, feed the pets, tidy up a bit, check emails, etc. before
I let myself open my package. So, that's exactly what I did ...

Imagine my surprise when I opened the (hermetically sealed) package and found THIS:

OMG!!! And the treats didn't stop there ... I don't know if you can tell from the above photo, but there are two little packages behind that laughing bad*ss-shoe-wearing-winged-uber-dollie ...

Doesn't that burst of brightness just make you want to grin?!? It's hard to see, but under the ribbon of the pink package is a little baggy full of pretty little sparkly pink SEQUINS!



was inside ... isn't that pin just spectacular?!?

here's a closer view:


I'm a bit awed by the fact that this little work of art is mine. Amazing.

Remember that doll form that I mentioned? It was in the yellow package:

Isn't it incredible?!?
I love the fabric, the shape of the torso and the head ... oh! and the arms and legs are AWESOME plus, they are ARTICULATED! Don't you just love how it sits? I am a bit star-struck ... I really think I might just have to buy the other one (if it hasn't disappeared from Monica's Etsy store, yet) just so I can leave one of them just like it is.

oh! and check out the "ribbon" Monica used in wrapping my little treasures:

I saw Critter-Child eyeing the fabric pieces ... I feel some negotiations coming my way. :)

Double WooooooHooooooo!

Words really don’t do justice to the joy, inspiration, gratitude and humbled awe that I am feeling. I feel so blessed & lucky.

Thank you, Monica ... 10,000 thank you’s for your generous heart & for helping make this the bestest birthday month EVER. My heart feels full.


eb said...

are you a taurus too?

happy birthday and what wonderful treats!

xox - eb.

Janet said...

A new hair cut AND all those luscious goodies!! I'd say your birthday month is looking really good!

3rdEyeMuse said...


thanks, girls - yep, it's been a heartfilling birthday month to say the least. :)

ps - today I HATE my hair ... ok, that might be a little strong ... I wan't able to make it as cute as J ... guess I need some practice.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh you! -blush-

I feel like a complete shlub for taking THIS long to come back here and say,

"You are the BEST!!!" and deserve the very best life has to offer.

I'm delighted I could bring this much joy to your day, but admit you reciprocated with the most hilarious, most generous, most thoughtful post, thank you!

Halfway through the month... wonder what other surprises await you? xo, Monica :)