Monday, April 14, 2008

Art Doll - First Attempt ... sort of

If you saw my "Doll Party ... worse than fashionable late" post, then you will know that about eight years ago I made my first doll, Bubby - she was made from one of Sadie's Winnie the Pooh sleepers and is, well, perhaps not the prettiest doll ever ... but I did make her specifically for my daughter and tons of love (and fiberfill) went into her.
More recently, I became involved in the Pink Artist Community Doll Project for Susan G Komen and was exposed to brilliant artists and creators of exquisite, beautiful and wonderous dolls. I found myself with the itch to try one myself. It's been a number of weeks and I have been busy with other things (family, breathing, work, painting, etc.) so doll making went on the back burner ... this weekend I was a woman possessed! I had to find just the right pattern to start with - finally I came across a handful of free patters from 2002 by Ronda Kivett. I decided to pick what appeared to be the smallest, simplest pattern and a remnant of an old sweater (nylon/spandex mix - weird, but uber-softie) ... drumroll, please ....

The above pictures are front and back of my very first form and as of right now I love, love, love her. :) Next step will be the embellishing ... I'm pretty sure that I'll be beading her from head to toe ... wish me luck!


Treasure Barn said...

I love her. She looks like a little ghost right now. Cannot wait to see what you do with her.

3rdEyeMuse said...

lol - that's exactly what my daughter said. :) she does look like a little ghost ... I'm nervous about starting the beading .... eeeek!

LW said...

What fun, I cannot wait to see her finished….


MARLOU B. said...

THANK YOU for your visit and super nice comments.
Your work is very interesting.
I like yours dolls!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

yay! -throwing confetti-

Let's have a party!!! Dolls make me drool! I'm thrilled the bug bit you.. stay tuned...I'm wanting to host a doll form swap shortly on my blog. It'll keep us busy playing while pink artist proj is at a standstill. You made my day! xo, Monica :)

mermaid musings said...

I just read the comment and I will be super happy making a doll for Monica swaps, TOTALLY!!!
yay for creativity!
yay YOU!!!
and your itch, LOL

Lea said...

I just can't wait to see how you continue with her... she is precious!

earthacademy said...

thought of was "casper" or marshmallow,,, sweet....

I love all of your work, and you definitely inspire me:)

still waiting to see all of your work compiled together in a book for my coffee table. {autographed of course}

earthacademy said...
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inventivesoul said...

You didn't send me an email address, so I am answering you here.
To read more details about the swap please check the posts on my blog for the B&W charms.
You can scroll down to see the details in depth.