Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Charm Entries

4/24 - Woohooo! Looks like the elephant charm won out. Time to get-a-making. :)

I just emailed Amber Dawn with my two attempts for her Black and White Charm Swap - the entries are juried, so there's a definite possibility that my attempts will not be accepted. I am so totally OK with that and no matter the outcome, I am really happy that I worked on these. The first is a beaded doll. The head is a black Swarovski crystal and the rest are glass beads:

This second option took two of the ideas I originally had and morphed it into this:

As you can see, it's a reversable charm. This (being the first attempt) isn't as refined as future versions will be - I plan on much smoother coats of paint, a little finer sanding of the wooden pieces and a little more border of the silver painted edge. If you click on the pictures to see a larger view, don't be surprised by the grainy looking elephant - the photo's are much larger than actual size as this charm measures 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch. I will keep everyone posted on if either of my submissions are accepted. Wish me luck!

For the latest Art Doll update, check out the newest photo's here.


Sandy said...

These are apsolutely 'charming'..tee,hee! Great job!


e. beck said...

somehow i have gotten days and weeks behind on my favorite blogs .... but i just caught up on yours and read post and post and post and post .... i chose to comment on this one cause i love that elephant charm .... but do like the little bead guy as well!
happy day to you ..... e

wahm922 said...

Yay for the elephant charm but I do like the beaded ones myself : )

Clevelandgirlie said...

These are precious. What a wonderful contract they are. Very clever to put them on wood.

Anonymous said...

I love your charms! Congrats on getting picked! =)