Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Challenge or Two

I have been working on my submissions to the Black and White Charm Swap. I just put the first coat of gloss on one attempt - it's a small two sided wooden piece. One side is painted white and the other is black. I reduced the elephant pic and did a negative of the same image - one for each side. I painted the edge in silver (airplane paint) ... I still need to add another coat of the gloss prior to photographing it, but I am close. The other little piece is a little beaded doll that makes me grin. I should be able to take pics of both day after tomorrow and will post them after I email pics to Amber Dawn. I honestly can't say if she'll accept them and if she does which she'll pick, but I do have to admit that I am glad that I made an attempt. :)

I have another challenge facing me, too. The spouse just challenged me to complete a piece by this Sunday at 6:00 pm. He said part has to be painted, part beaded and part found object and that it should be designed to be suspended ... I am at a complete loss. The more I think about it, the more my brain hurts. lol.

I did a little more beading on the artsy doll. I'll likely take a snap of it tomorrow after work. On that note, I'm wiped out and still have dishes to finish, so Ciao Bella's! ~M~

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Anonymous said...

This is too cool - I love it that your hubby challenged you to a project!

Also, when I lived in Italy, we always said, "Ciao bellas" to our girlfriends...did you ever live there? I knew an ~M~ there...=)